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The headline on a Barna Group report out this past April (based on interviews conducted between April and August of 2018) was “1 in 4 Practicing Christians Struggles to Forgive Someone”. The details of that report indicated that 23% of practicing Christians (defined as those Christians who said that their faith is very important in their lives and who had attended a worship service in the preceding month) reported that they could identify someone whom they could not forgive, and of those only 28% said that they wished they could forgive that person. So, more than 16 out of 100 practicing Christians identified someone they could not forgive and did not even want to forgive them! more
I was blessed with four amazing and talented grandsons. The oldest of them, Jack, graduated from Robert E Lee High School in Tyler last night. My daughter, his mom, generally calls him Jackson. My dad, before he died, called him Sam Jack – only heaven knows why. The rest of us mostly call him Jack. more
THE month of May is designated a “color me purple” month from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Cystic Fibrosis affects the lungs and the fight for breath virtually turns the patient a bluish- purple in times of distress. The allergens and viruses found in the springtime can make living a harsh reality. And just because the end of the month is drawing near doesn’t mean the fight is over, in fact it’s just the opposite for those who suffer and their families who attempt to breathe for them. more
Once a teacher, always a teacher – or so I have been told. At least that holds true for former Kilgore College Instructor David Stroud as his lectures can now be heard via an Apple iTunes podcast. Titled “Mr. Stroud’s History Class” (so named by his daughter, Sarah Quinlan and the originator of the podcast) the history lessons now reach across the globe. more
Spring in East Texas always announces its arrival with an annual tree-pollen allergy apocalypse, followed by our own version of monsoon season, when most residents consider trading in their pickups for four-wheel drive dinghies. All of the rain and foliage-philandering gives rise to the need for some serious yard work, more
God spoke the following promise through Isaiah: “Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24 ESV). That promised behavior of God contrasts sharply to the prior behavior of the Israelites that a few verses earlier God judged for the following reasons: “because, when I called, you did not answer; when I spoke, you did not listen” (Isaiah 65:12 ESV). more
Among the uncommon, scattered oddments of knowledge tucked away in my head (my brain is far more like waxed paper than paper towels – it absorbs very little) is the law of Just Noticeable Difference. As concepts go, this one is so important psychologists simply refer to it as JND. more
IN the South some things are of utmost importance.Believe it or not a good glass or cup of tea ranks as high priority on that list.Newcomers to the area learn very quickly tea must be brewed and not of an instant variety and, bypassing all diets, it is usually served sweet – very sweet, in fact. more
Galveston, Texas, affectionately known as “Galvatraz” by some of its residents and visitors, really gets a bad rap. Maybe it’s because this coastal resort city on the Gulf of Mexico features sand and water that often resemble the aftermath of a 24-hour stomach virus, only less inviting. Despite these unfair characterizations, my experiences with Galveston have mostly been positive. When I was a child, Galveston Island was my first experience with the ocean–and the unforgettable sensation of beach sand lodged in my shorts. more
The phrase “living the dream” has a nice sound to it and for Tim and Amy Rutherford their plans to do just that will be taking place within the upcoming year. So impressive is their ability to manage funds it has earned them a feature in the May issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine where the couple has offered helpful hints for others striving to do the same. more
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