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Summertime fun can result in summertime danger if precautions are not well-kept. This community mourns the loss of a very personable, well-liked man – Randy Morris – this week due to heat exhaustion and we have reached out to those in the medical field and those who work the oilfield for reminders of the seriousness to attempt to prevent this from happening to another family. “Heat exhaustion results from excess sweating due to heat and is worse in high humidity conditions. It leads to fluid loss, electrolyte loss and hypovolemia…essentially one goes into shock due to circulatory collapse,” said Dr. Wayne Leeves at Kilgore Life Center. “The stress of getting too hot can also lead to a heart attack, myocardial infarction. “Symptoms of heat exhaustion include excessive sweating, weakness, increasing fatigue perhaps a feeling of anxiety…this leads to fast heart rate, cold clammy skin and disordered thinking…ultimately unconsciousness,” he continued. “Naturally, avoiding heat exposure is beneficial in preventing its onset. Adequate fluid intake is very important and anyone working in the heat should drink enough water that they have to micturate about once every hour and ideally produce fairly pale urine. Dark urine tends to indicate dehydration. “If one begins to feel weak or shaky they should get out of the heat, rest and attempt to drink fluids such as water or Gatorade. Alcohol increases sweating and should be avoided when in a hot environment. Muscle cramps can also occur due to fluid loss from sweating. “Of course, it one feels really weak, much less experience chest pain they should get to the nearest ER or even call 911 for transport. “I really hope this can be of some help,” said Dr. Leeves. ARPCO VALVES is new to Kilgore, but not new to East Texas. They posted the following on their Facebook site this week. “Stay hydrated, take it easy, listen to your body and keep an eye on your crew.” Along with the message, they also posted a valuable list of what to do if someone in the crew is showing symptoms of heat exhaustion and a list safe work practices. NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION carries a “safety” popsicle that can help restore electrolytes quickly. Our condolences go out to the family of Randy Morris. May their loss help to save another in heat distress. “OUR COMMUNITY GARDEN is going strong,” said Warden David Hudson at the Billy Moore Correctional Center in Overton. BMCC has a ¾-acre garden that provides fresh produce to local food banks. So far, this year we have donated over 700 pounds of produce to the food banks including Son Shine Lighthouse in New London and one in Tyler. We don’t consume any of the produce at the facility,” he added. “It is all grown for community use by offender volunteers.” “The facility is very much involved in community services. We have offender workers mowing the Overton city park and cleaning up around the lake. We also provide numerous offenders made items such as wooden chairs, wishing wells and bird housing that are donated to the Overton Chamber. Our offenders are proud to be of service and a part of the community,” he aded. Billy Moore Correctional Center has 495 offenders and can hold a maximum of 513 male offenders. SON SHINE LIGHTHOUSE provides a safe, spiritually-enriched transitional home where women and their children are offered a new beginning through a life-changing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “The women commit to staying one year,” said Debra Crawford, executive director. “They have the opportunity to stay longer after graduation if needed. The women are not allowed to work until they are in the program for 9 months, so extended stay is often welcome so they can work, continue college, gather money for rent, car and get some foundation.” Son Shine Lighthouse will mark its fourth anniversary and graduation at 4 .m. on Saturday, July 15 at the London Baptist Church located at 10855 S. Main Street in New London. A reception will follow/ “We are so grateful for the support of the Kilgore Community and for the many churches that have supported us for four years and looking forward to another exciting and inspirational graduation celebration!” exclaimed Dir. Crawford. May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at 903-984-2593 or chitchatlinda@aol.com. more
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