Board OKs zoning for tire center’s expansion


Kilgore’s Planning and Zoning Board approved Kilgore Tire Center’s request for a zoning change, giving the green light to a business expansion at 2801 US Hwy. 259.

At a Wednesday morning meeting, board members unanimously voted to send a recommendation to the city council to approve a change to Kilgore’s Comprehensive Plan, allowing the construction project to begin.

Board Chairman Randy Renshaw said it was necessary for the board to approve a zoning change and construction plan for the property before they could approve the recommendation.

“The recommendation to the city council is to accept the change to the Comprehensive Plan. You have to approve this plan before you can approve the change,” Renshaw said.

Kilgore Tire Center filed a request to change their property’s zoning from light manufacturing to general commercial on the 0.45 acres of the plat that is part of Lot 1 at the address.

Director of Planning Carol Windham said updating the city’s Future Land Use Plan would allow the project to move forward.

“A portion of that property shows the future land use as industrial. Part of it’s commercial and part of it’s industrial. So we need to change the future land use map to show the property is all commercial since they are requesting a commercial zoning,” Windham said.

The project could not move forward without a zoning change due to “setbacks”, which are restrictions placed on property owners prohibiting building in certain areas.

“We’ve been working with Kilgore Tire Center on a site plan. They’re wanting to do a new structure. The problem that they’re running into is that the front portion of the lot is light manufacturing,” Windham said. “That’s basically the reason for the zoning request, for the setbacks, so you can get the new proposed building on the lot.”

She added nearby business Skeeter Boats, Inc. has voiced support for the zoning change and she had heard no complaints from anyone else.

“It’s a good deal. It’s a good deal for Kilgore,” she said.

Longview-based Hendrix & Arp Contracting has been hired for the project. Estimator Chris McKee told the board Kilgore Tire Center owner Darrin Mallett aims to expand the 3,300 square-foot business, which has been in operation in Kilgore since 1975.

“He’s wanting to build this building to increase his customer base and offer a few more services,” McKee said.

The existing building will stay in place but the zoning change will allow a new structure to be added.

“Basically, if you’re on 259, looking towards the building, it will basically create an “L” type look where he can still use the existing building completely. Then he’ll have the new building. The new building will be where he locates all the vehicle repairs, the alignments and that to free up the tire shop,” McKee said.


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