Community continues climb back to previous sales tax collections


Even without the $40,550 audit adjustment in this month’s sales tax revenue check from the state, the City of Kilgore still shows a 32 percent year-to-year bump from November 2016.

Last week, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s regular sales tax report included an allocation to Kilgore of $870,465.12, almost $241,000 more than the community received 12 months ago.

“There was an audit collection that was included in that,” Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck said, “so it’s a little higher, as a result, that it would have been.”

That $40,000-plus adjustment could have been owed the city any time in past months and even years, he added; it’s not uncommon for the state to adjust a taxing entity’s numbers up or down as data is updated.

Selleck doesn’t want to devalue the good news, though. This month’s check – based on made in September by monthly filers and sales made in July, August and September by businesses that report tax quarterly – will be split two-thirds to the city, the remainder to Kilgore Economic Development Corporation.

It’s the ninth consecutive month sales tax revenues have shown a year-to-year gain, and it continues to push the city closer to its highs of two years ago – November 2017’s figures are about 21 percent less than the same month’s peak year in 2014.

The oil-and-gas industry, at least some parts of it, are certainly on the mend.

“I think we’re continuing to see that same trend,” Selleck said. “The only caveat that we have is we’ve not seen an industry-wide recovery. We’ve only seen this on the back of a few taxpayers which gives us some pause – that we’re potentially more volatile than in the past.

“At this point, though, we’re focused on making budget. Sustainability questions really relate to how we budget long-term. From a here-and-now standpoint this bodes really well for the rest of the fiscal year, we think. This put us in a good spot.”

Statewide, Hegar reported Nov. 8 his office will distribute almost $775 million in monthly sales tax revenue back to local governments.

At $774.9 million in revenues the monthly and quarterly filers, November’s collections are 5 percent more than the prior year.


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