Council OKs 23-cent trash rate increase


The once-per-year rate increase for trash collection in the City of Kilgore comes to just more than 23 cents more per household this year, calculated from a 2.2 percent increase in the Southwest Consumer Price Index.

Kilgore City Council members signed off on the increase unanimously Tuesday. The bump to Republic Services’ residential rate will take effect Oct. 1 and last for 12-months at $10.87 per mouth.

An annual increase is covered by the company’s Solid Waste Collection & Disposal contract with the city, Gene Keenon noted Tuesday. However, Republic’s manager of government affairs added, the rate adjustment isn’t automatic.

“We go with the Dallas / Forth Worth Consumer Price Index just to make sure we’re staying local,” Keenon told council members, using the year-to-year change in May. “This is the annual time that we review the CPI to see where we are as far as what the inflation rate is.

“For the past few years it’s been zero, one percent – a very small amount. This year it is at 2.2 percent.”

Applying that increase to the current residential rate of $10.64 per month comes to 23.4 cents, rounded down in Republic Service’s June 19 request for rate adjustment, “necessary for Republic to continue service levels in regards to equipment, maintenance, health insurance increases, etc.” and tagged to the CPI.

Trash collection is a utility, Keenon said, just like water and sewer.

“Trash always stays pretty much the same as far as the usage. It’s just having to be able to keep up with the cost of supplying that business,” he added. “Kilgore still has the very low rates in the area.”


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