Dinkins DAR chapter explores life of Laura Bush


The Samuel Paul Dinkins Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held their January meeting on January 13 at the Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center.

Regent Judy Carpenter began the meeting with a Revolutionary War quote from Benjamin Franklin: “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.” Judy then called the meeting to order and led members in the opening ritual. Pledges were given to the American and Texas flags. The American Creed was read in unison, the National Anthem was sung and the members were led in the opening

prayer. Francye Phillips reminded us of the presidents who have birthdays in February.

Guess speaker Pat Sers gave a book review of the autobiography “Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush.”

Laura Bush’s memoir is a deeply felt, keenly observed account of her childhood and youth in Texas. It is also a thoroughly conventional autobiography of a politician’s wife. A memory of

her travels, public appearances and meetings with foreign dignitaries.

Laura Bush grew up an only child in the oil boom town of Midland. When she left West Texas in 1964, she never imagined that her journey would lead her to the White House. After graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1968 she became an elementary school

teacher. Her lifelong love of books inspired her to become trained to be a librarian. She met George W. Bush when she was thirty. Three months later, lithe old maid of Midland married Midland’s most eligible bachelor.”

Laura Bush writes about her early married life and her relationship with her mother in law, Barbara Bush, to 1993 when she found herself in the political spotlight.

In 2001, Laura Bush moved into the White House. She writes candidly about the White House during the days after 9/11 and how she was thrust into the media spotlight. It was at this time she came to understand the power of being first lady.

She writes openly about her public triumphs and her personal tribulations. You come to know Laura Bush as one of the most beloved and private First Ladies who has a sense of humor as she

tells the extraordinary story of her life in the White House and the stories of her love and closeness for her family.

The business meeting was held. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and they were approved as corrected. Liz Lockhart gave the National Defense Report, “The size and quality of our military forces.”

The next meeting will be held on March 10 at the Meadowbrook Country Club at 10. Members in attendance: Judy Carpenter, Carole Culver, Carroll Bolton, Joan Smith Still, Virginia Wallace, Elaine Hall, Sylvia Nelson, Callie Jo Cunyus Lasater, Patti Cunyus, Nancy

Bullock, Susie Merritt, Rachel Brian.

Hostesses were Carroll Bolton, Evelyn Banda, Virginia Wallace.


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