Fall changes things


A drop in temperature this week lets us know fall has arrived. Much like the changing of the guards, the fall season bring changes, some good; some bad some we resist and some we welcome. No matter the circumstances, change takes place as assuredly as the falling of the leaves and depending on our perspective can add a peace that all is well with the world.

Speaking of changes, Kilgore News Herald marketing department welcomes in native Texan Carolyn Hadley who has twenty-six years in media sales, including newsprint, radio and billboard. She has been with Bluebonnet Publishing one year before transitioning into the Kilgore office.

“I love being here in East Texas!” she exclaimed. “It’s so beautiful! I am so looking forward to getting to know Kilgore, the people and businesses in this lovely town.” Carolyn loves to cook, loves comedies and loves keeping her Mustang in mint condition. She and her daughter Michele will be re-locating from Whitehouse area as quickly as possible.

PUMPKINS, pumpkins, pumpkins – their arrival at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Kilgore is a sign to move full steam ahead as their month-long activities began with the unloading of this year’s harvest on Wednesday afternoon. Volunteers will be decorating the patch Saturday morning for all those photo opportunities to their many visitors.

THE KHS 1963 class reunion is this weekend. They will start that 55th celebration at Kilgore Bookstore and Coffee Cherry, 10 a.m. Saturday and continue later in the day around 6:30 p.m. at the old Kilgore post office. In between times they will be scouting out old places around Kilgore, so that pumpkin patch may be added to their agenda.

CIVITA’S Vice President of Operations Cassie Poteet dropped and ran last week to help with the evacuation of the Autumn Wind Assisted Living Facility in Winnsboro to help protect the residents from the air-borne ammonia nitrate following a fire at a nearby a feed mill fire last week.

“It was wild,” said Cassie, who is currently at Civita’s/Arabella in Kilgore. “We first were running with sheets and towels covering the doorways and exits until the Fire Marshall came and told us to completely evacuate. We moved them to two churches and even ordered pizza afterward,” she said. Cassie returned to Kilgore during the early morning hours on Thursday. “I can easily report all residents have been returned safely to Autumn Winds.” Cassie will be at Arabella until the hiring and training of a new director. For those that have been asking, the staff at Arabella along with Heritage Hospice and Choice Home Care affiliates delivered approximately 200 hundred spuds in the area for their annual spud luncheon. “My office smelled like a baked potato all day,” laughed Shelly Longacre, community relations director. She did her share of quick delivery. “It went really well,” she added.

RIGHT PLACE, wrong person. “When you live in a small town like Kilgore and you get an Amazon package in the mail that has your address but someone else’s name, you just look at your Facebook friends and deliver the package to its proper owner,” says Donna Shupe. The package was delivered to her by mistake on Thursday. “I thought I got a gift!” she laughed. Donna is an independent entrepreneur and is accustomed to delivering gifts of all kinds in the area. There may be an opening in Amazon’s shipping and receiving department soon, Donna.

THERE IS NOTHING like having to spend most of your birthday in a hospital. Janice Cameron’s friends and family made up for it by arriving to celebrate both her being “sprung-loose” and the birthday at her house on Thursday evening. Cynthia Beck, Gayle Mitchell, Elizabeth Tullar, Brenda Soule, Robbin Hedrick and Wanda Billings attended. Janice’s brother, Gaylon called with best wishes during the party and Jeanie Thompson called and was put on intercom to lead the group in singing Happy Birthday. Happy belated birthday, Janice!

IT’S FALL Y’ALL IN OVERTON, TOO! Sisters Elsie Hollis and Betty Clark were caught decorating planters in front of Insurance One and the ONL Chamber of Commerce while the Queen Price Garden Club got hold of the rest of them. Scarecrows and pumpkins can be seen peeking out all of the planters in the down town area.

WE tried our best to get Jennifer Freeman of the McMillan Memorial Library to tell off on somebody, but all she could think about was the annual book sale taking place on October 3, 4, and 5. Volunteers are all set and ready to go starting at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday and Friday and 10 am. to 7 p.m. on Thursday. “We will give any teacher or educator a discount when they show us their I.D., she said.

AN EXCERT from Cherokee Feast of Days reads: “It is autumn, but it is even more. This is life that gives us peace.” May Peace come with the Changes and May Your Week be filled with His Love and Laughter. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-983-6862.


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