Familiar faces light the room


We stepped into his room ready, for proper introduction. But before James

Gee, administrator at Arbor Grace, could complete the task the gentleman stuck out his hand and with a big smile on his face and claimed, “I know you, Linda.”

Not only did he know me but, he also knew the KNH staff

and most of their backgrounds, including former editor Winston Garner and former reporter Mary Meador.

Freddy Hughes was raised in the small community of Mabank and joined the U.S. Navy in 1948. He claims he spent the first two years in the Okefenokee Swamp and the last two years in Bermuda. He met his wife Dolores Rushton while in town with a Navy buddy, James Todd. “She worked at the telephone office and that is where I met her,” said Freddy. They married in 1953 and while he was on a ship, she had subscribed to the paper.

“I would have stayed in the Navy,” said Freddy, “but, she didn’t like it when I was away and she didn’t like all the moving around, although she did like Bermuda. I got out in 1957 and have been reading that paper ever since,” he laughed.

After service, Freddy worked and retired from Kilgore Ceramics. “I made thirty commodes day for 20 years and shipped them all over the Unites States,” he laughed. “Ted and Diane Rushton owned the Mobile station near the newspaper office and I went to work for them. Ted was my wife’s brother and I was the state inspector at that station for twenty-three years.”

When Dolores’ health began to fail, she was moved into Arbor Grace and the next day Freddy moved in with her. On the third day, she passed away and Freddy decided to stay and has made it his home now for two years. Freddy is now 88 years old and though his knees are “worn out” he is in pretty in good shape health-wise and as alert a teenager.

“They treat me so good here, I wouldn’t be any other place,” said Freddy. “I mean they all treat me so good.

“Somehow, I guess people thought I wasn’t getting enough to eat as they started bringing me Vienna sausages and at one time I ended up with 16 cans in my room,” he laughed. “I started giving them away as fast as I could, but, I have had more than enough Vienna sausages. And I still enjoy reading that paper!”

FORTY-TWO schnitzels were made and sold before they were out of the oven at Brigitta’s last Saturday as Mike and “Bry” kicked off Oktoberfest at their restaurant. The pair was exhausted but thoroughly enjoyed the large crowd that came.

On Monday, people were coming in from Longview to try the Hungarian Fare after hearing about it. “The Bier Nutz (band) just topped off the day,” said Mike. “Tim and Angie Capps were all about it, too,” laughed Mike. They will be downtown at Oktoberfest Saturday. Vendors are expecting thousands of visitors in the downtown area. Have fun!

WHILE OKTOBERFEST will bring a crowd this week in Kilgore, the 81st Gilmer Yamboree begins Wednesday, Oct. 17, and runs through Saturday, Oct. 20. It is one of the longest-running festivals in Texas with well over 100,000 people attending every year. The queen coronation is at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday evening at the Gilmer Civic Center. Carnivals, live music, livestock judging, quilt, canning and pie contests, exhibits and numerous other events will have Gilmer “alive” with activity. The queen’s parade will start at 11 a.m. Saturday. A schedule of events can be found on-line under Gilmer Yamboree. For more information call Gilmer Chamber office at 903-843-2413.

FALL FEST IN OVERTON has been scheduled for 4-7 p.m. Oct. 20. Vendor booths are available. For more information call 903-834-3542.

BIG NEWS FOR OVERTON – Cindy’s Burgers or More has opened at 709 S. Commerce Street, moving into the space formerly occupied by Only Burgers.

MACK AND TOBY MONDAY remind us to circle our calendars now for the Soup and Pie Luncheon at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church on Friday, November 2 from 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. That homemade soup, pie and cornbread can’t be beat and locals fill their fellowship hall up at least once a year for this fare.

ANGELS EVERYWHERE must be laughing at me this week. Earlier last week, my mailbox was run over. The box survived but the stand did not. Every day I tried to prop it up for the day’s mail knowing my poor mail carrier had to be beyond frustration with me. Saturday, I went from place to place in town trying to locate a new stand that I could manage to get into the ground and finally located a complete set like what I had. In the midst of my running around I also found the Overton Boy Scouts selling hotdogs and drinks at one place I checked and we all know how I love hotdogs! And naturally, it took time to eat those hotdogs and then I found other excuses while in town to prevent me from going home and attempting to install the new contraption! Eventually by mid-afternoon my wheels had to go in the direction of home. As I approached the dreaded area, to my amazement a brand new, shiny pole and a sturdy bracket on the box had already been installed! Upon closer inspection, the dirt around the pole

had been carefully packed with the old parts lying neatly beside it. I called neighbors to thank them, but, none confessed and yes, I returned the purchased set feeling quite blessed.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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