Skate park gets redesign before move


The city’s new splash pad is planned for the corner of North Street and Wood Street, its footprint forcing the relocation of the skateboarding equipment at Kilgore City Park – making way for a new amenity, city planners aim to improve the old along the way.

According to Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck, the skate-equipment will be moved to City Park property along Kay Street, and groundwork on its future home is underway. Before the move, however, he and other city employees have been polling young skaters, looking for ways to enhance the various elements.

“We’ve gotten some feedback from that,” Selleck told council members, and the equipment’s layout (currently on a 40-foot by 80-foot slab) is being redesigned for best-use. For example, “We’d like to take advantage of the existing terrain” in that area of the park: “We’d like to be able to include a bowl – it’s a quarter-pipe that goes all around.”

New fencing is also in the works, something to help keep the skaters off the adjacent street.

Selleck’s presentation during the regularly-scheduled council meeting April 11 was just a briefing. Specifics are forthcoming.

“The difference in cost in this is really just additional concrete,” he noted. “Because we’re going to have to move that dirt in order to make this site work there, it’s not really additional time or work.

“We believe our crews, along with a professional finisher, would be able to do this with just a small, incremental increase to the overall project.”


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