How do you see?


Imagine being invited to meet the president. If you’d prefer to decline that invitation currently, then imagine any president of past years. For most of us, I suspect we’d consider it an honor. We’d feel privileged to meet someone in that prestigious position of power. We’d eagerly clear our schedules and make whatever arrangements necessary to show up for the meeting.

The president’s honor and worth primarily come from his office, the authority the people of this nation give him. But the honor and worth of Jesus doesn’t just come from his “office” as King of the Universe and Savior of the world. Jesus’s honor and worth are inherent, coming from the fact that he is God. How do we recognize Jesus’s worth? It isn’t because we somehow calculated or deduced it.

This is to ask the question, “How do you see?" Doctors can explain the physical processes that enable the human eye to see, and they can examine the eye and discern why vision is blurred or failing in some way. But, the ultimate explanation is that God designed the eye to see. To recognize Jesus’s worth, however, God must give us new eyes. He must enlighten the eyes of our heart, and he must reveal to us the worth of Jesus (Ephesians 1:16-21; 2 Corinthians 4:4-6; Matthew 11:25-27).

Do you see Jesus as worthy of honor, even worthy of worship? In the face of a host of opinions about Jesus’s identity, an uneducated fisherman somehow recognized that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the living God (Matthew 16:13-17). While hanging on a cross next to Jesus, a dying criminal somehow recognized that Jesus was entering his kingdom through dying on that cross (Luke 23:39-43). A Roman soldier stood watching Jesus as he died on a Roman cross, and somehow he recognized that Jesus was the Son of God (Mark 15:39). To see Jesus rightly, to recognize and respond rightly to his inherent worth requires a miracle, an even greater miracle than opening the eyes of a man born blind, but Jesus can do that, too (John 9).

Mr. Justin Langley is Minister of Discipleship of Kilgore Bible Church in Kilgore. You can reach him through the congregation’s website:


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