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A journey made to and from a place within a day is commonly referred to as a day trip. It is usually taken to find something unusual not found in the area in which you work, live or play and all it takes is a vivid imagination, a tank of gas and a little lunch money to enjoy.

This little trip just prior to the holidays was to Timpson, population 1,155. What was found there led this wandering soul back a second time last weekend.

It is a friendly little place and you have to look twice or you will miss it with a blink of the eye but when you get to Highway 59 you will find Miller’s Country Market. The sign above the door reads “Just like mama used to make” beckons you in to where you are met with sweetness and friendliness of owner Kim Miller and staff.

The Miller family, members of the Shelby County Mennonite Fellowship, are there to help you understand about their products and about their beliefs if you dare to question them. And if you are in any doubt upon leaving of the visit you just had, you will return to make sure it was real.

“All baked goods are made from scratch,” said Kim. “Even some of our jams and jellies are made by the men at church.”

Known for their whole wheat bread, the wheat is ground on the premises for preservation of all the nutrients. Olive oil is used, sea salt or “real salt” they call it, real honey and no soy makes it all natural, true and whole.

No white flour is used and their jalapeno cheese bread is a must if you step to the deli for some fresh sliced meat to build a real sandwich which, by the way, packs the visitors in around lunch time.

“We would do a lot better health-wise if we stay away from chemicals and preservatives,” said Kim. Medicinal teas, ointments and lotions are also found in the store and she readily explains their use.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the store was awaiting arrival of some fresh herbs from Pennsylvania to add to their own for an immune tea and a flu remedy that had sold out.

The Millers moved to Timpson from Grandview. “When our church building gets full, we don’t add on, it is time for us to start another. That was the reason we moved to Timpson,” Kim explained. “When our church grows to twenty families it is time to build. We are called to be our brothers’ keepers and that way we can help watch after each other with no one slipping through the cracks or caught in the fragments of a larger church.”

“If you belong to a church, members need to be there,” she added matter-of-factly.

If you want a pleasant outing, good food tastes like quality and a lovely visit, head to Timpson, grab a sandwich or a loaf of bread. You will leave feeling quite blessed that you did and if it is major shopping you want, travel on down the road to Nacogdoches for the remainder of the day.

WHEN police departments, schools and other businesses were begging people to stay home through the sleet and snow that still dots our yards this week, through rain, sleet and snow our postal carriers still must go. Postal carrier, Kelly Watson wrote on her Facebook on Tuesday evening: “Been a long day. Pulled 3 people out of the ditch and still delivered a full mail route. We will see what tomorrow brings.”

DON’T FORGET the Rusk County Dulcimers will be entertaining prior to the Eric & Jason Couch Revival this Saturday, January 20th at McCary’s Chapel. The Dulcimers will start at 5 p.m. and Eric & Jason at 6 p.m. The church is located at 5758 N. old Highway 135. Help welcome Nashville to our area.

THEN ON Sunday, January 21, the Kilgore Missionary Church has invited the McNeill family to sing and play southern gospel music. There will be no charge for this talented family of 12 but a love offering will be taken. The church is located at 223 Harris Avenue, Kilgore.

May His Love and Laughter fill Your Hearts and Your Homes. I can be reached at 903-984-2593 or


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