Kilgore company helps fund communication equipment


Kilgore’s Freedom Communication Technologies recently partnered with The Genesis Group to donate a $24,000 piece of communications equipment to a Christian nonprofit focused on worldwide linguistics development.

SIL International, based in Duncanville, works in ‘minority language communities’ around the world to research and document languages, using the resulting data to develop educational materials and to translate scripture into different tongues. The organization, formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics, has 5,000-plus staffers working internationally with speakers of more than 1,600 languages.

Working with The Genesis Group, a software provider based in Tyler, the Kilgore tech firm’s donation of an R8100 Communications System Analyzer is crafted to support various communications needs at sites spread between SIL’s 85-country operation.

According to a SIL press release, “Many of these language groups are in remote locations which lack reliable power, communications and internet service.”

From the organization’s tech support center in Waxhaw, North Carolina, SIL communication engineers work on a variety of comm solutions to enable work across the nonprofit’s map.

“Cell service is expanding in many areas, but it can be difficult to find reliable client solutions,” SIL reported. “Previously, SIL engineers had no way to effectively work with cellular equipment, especially above 1 GHz. The R8100 Analyzer greatly expands their capability to test and evaluate cellular components and provide professional, timely support to field projects.”

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