Kilgore dialysis center takes on patients from closed Longview clinic


Kilgore’s DaVita Dialysis Center is accommodating an influx of patients from the company’s Longview facility.

While work is in-progress on that building to address various health and safety concerns identified by authorities, patients and some staffers have been shifted to Kilgore.

According to a statement from DaVita spokesperson Courtney Culpepper, “Our clinic is undergoing renovations, and we have temporarily closed in an abundance of caution to ensure our patients’ safety. During this time, we have arranged for all patients to continue treatment with alternative clinics, secured transportation for all who need it, and are visiting our patients at their guest facilities to ensure their comfort.”

Dialysis patients typically receive treatment three times each week. The sessions average about four hours each.

“Our Kilgore clinic is temporarily treating 28 patients from Longview,” Culpepper confirmed Friday, “and several of our Longview teammates have relocated to Kilgore’s clinic during this time.”

There’s no immediate timetable available for the reopening of the Longview clinic on North Fredonia Street.

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, “unless the immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety is removed” DaVita-Longview faced termination of its Medicare agreement later this month. Following the closure, patients in treatment were directed to other facilities in the area, such as Kilgore’s.

The local facility has made adjustments to accommodate the patient load.

DaVita is a “community first” operation, said Kilgore Facility Administrator Candace Meiki, and “we’ve served towns across the area for more than two decades. Thankfully, our scale and flexibility in this region allows us to support these patients and teammates close to their homes and with minimal disruption until Longview’s clinic reopens.”


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