“His imagination resembled the wings of an ostrich. It enabled him to run, though not to soar.”

– Thomas Babington, Lord McCaulay, “On John Dryden.”

FOR meteorologists, Wednesday was the first day of spring.

METEOROLOGICAL seasons, we’re told, are based on temperature cycles rather than celestial events. Winter is December through February. Summer is June through August.

SO, WELCOME, spring.

EVEN more important, Daylight Saving Time begins next weekend at 2 a.m., Sunday, March 12.

DEAR Senator Bryan Hughes and State Reps. Travis Clardy and Jay Dean: If presented with the opportunity please vote against Senate Bill 238 and House Bill 2400. (Both aspire to abolish Daylight Saving Time.)

LONDON school explosion stories keep coming…

FOR reasons he failed to explain, Mart Lapin says his parents took him out to the school three days in a row following the explosion. “I was only five but remember vividly the lines of sheet-wrapped deceased as well as the many funerals. To this day I do not like natural gas.”

ONE of our favorite community events – KilGogh Arts Festival – is the capstone event for March.

THIS year’s festival opens with a ticketed event on Friday, March 31 (one day after Vincent van Gogh’s birthday) followed by an almost-all-day (11 a.m. to 10 p.m.) public event Saturday, April 1.

WELL drat, says (I’d think he would say something like that) Kimble Kubiak… The sale of the Crim/Kubiak home – that marvelous, 1930s-moderne home, subject of a recent News Herald story, at the corner of Crim Ave. and Henderson Blvd. – fell through.

IN light of that Mobbs Real Estate is having an open house there Sunday afternoon. And you know it’s the house you wanted to tour.

IN the interest of full disclosure: we think a constitutional convention – in this era of internecine conflict, distaste for the rule of law, disrespect for each other and a refusal to compromise – would be an absolute, unmitigated disaster.


March 4 - Mrs. Connie Waters, Tracy Waldroup Nestleroad, Jason Cooley, Ken Kettlewell, Sr., Deborah Hamilton, Florence Joiner, John Neal, Alert Madariaga III, Mrs. Walker Ogden, Dorothy Worsham, Channa Finney, Clarence Russell Hooks, Eric Anderson, Josh Forth, Joan Ferguson, Victoria Annaleigh Jamieson, Brittanie Porter, Tracy Elrod

March 6 - Jean Dase, Joan Ruth, Jared Hargrave, Andy Dominy, Dade Myers, Matthew Habenicht, Florence Clayton, Jeannie Whatley, Jennifer Morris, Kristin White, Ron Stephens, Danny Downing, Vesta Lloyd, Kandis Campbell, Josh McCrory, Michelle Marie Sharp, Laura Salmon, Daniel Bryant Contreras, Carl Pdanka, Trystan Dobbs, Jared Hargrave

March 7 - Verna Maguire, Peggy R. Jackson, Tim Anderson, Mark Pool, David Riddle, Charlotte Brewer, Donald Beebe, Michael Smith, Mark Johnson, Darlene Jennings, Sibyl Lee, Renae Lampkin, Whitney Alice Clark, Lamarcus A. Bell, Royce McIntosh, Melanie Wesson, Michael Young, Dr. Arthur Morchat, Wayne Taliaferro, Angela Beverly, Ayana Newman, NeAjaha Johnson, Roy Bennett, David Mauldin


March 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Silvertooth, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harper, Ken and Peggy Kettlewell

March 6 - Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Lois and James Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Fortson, Mr. and Mrs. Mark White

March 7 - Archie and Wanda Thayer