“If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined.”

– Pyrrhus of Epirus after defeating the Romans at Asculum, 279 B.C.

IF by this time next year you’ve once again forgotten how much you like this little town, come with us to the annual gumbo cook-off at Pirtle United Methodist Church.

THERE were but four teams in Saturday’s gumbo competition but there were a bunch of folks there to eat gumbo –it seemed most of the faces were familiar and even those that weren’t familiar were smiling. And Kerry Hargrave plays a mean washboard.

LONGVIEW cook Marvin Drennan won the $500 first prize, but Patsy and Maurice Whipple of Kilgore won both $100 second place and, for their “chef” hats and embroidered white smocks, the showmanship award.

(SOME member of that congregation makes the best strawberry cake.)

YOU’RE going to want to wear comfy clothes and bring a bottle of water if you sign up for “Faith Moves,” a dance class incorporating country-style moves to country music, with praying and prayer requests.

IT’S FREE -- classes will be taught by Martha Hale Deen at First Christian Church Family Life Center, 609 E Main, Kilgore on Mondays from 5:30 until 6:30.

QUESTIONS? Call or text 903-522-1700.

FROM Texas Education Agency’s snapshot of 2012-13 academic performance:

ISDs outperformed charters on 3 out of 5 STAAR tests (Math, Science, Social Studies

ISDs matched charters on the other 2 out of 5 STAAR tests (Reading and Writing)

ISDs tested 64.5% for college admissions, charters tested 44.2%

ISDs average SAT score was 1422, charters average was 1412

ISDs average ACT score was 20.6, charters average was 19.7

RONNIE Spradlin uncovered a receipt for an Underwood typewriter, purchased in 1914 by his great-grandmother, Ada Horton Bird, for $84.50 – she bought it on the installment plan: $7.50 per month plus a $10 down payment and a balloon payment of $9.50 at the end.


March 8 - Janey Gossage, Kristie Simpson, Terry Stembridge, Jr., Shonda Bell, Nicole Griffin, Phyllis Clayton, Ronnie Walker, Denise Washington, Janie Jamerson, Gary White, Joyce Riddles, Bobby Terry, John Beckham, George Wood, Barbara Crane, Tawnya Mitchell, Margaret Housley, Rachael Haynes, Charlotte Beason, Cody Sprayberry, Jacqueline Hale, Tom DeBerry, Tristan Caldwell, Josh Slagle, Phillip Frazier

March 9 - Camille Parker, Lori Patterson, Amy Carroll, Willie Alexander, James Sutton, Janice Brox, Bill McChristian, Ron and Shaun Ward, Jenny Ansley, Clyde Webb, Bill Russell, Dawn Garner, Robert Hall, Amy Sornell, Byron Beverly, Jr., Takayla Toliver, Clyde “Trace” Buyher, Gary Linthicum, Margie Hooper, Vivian Lewis, Patty Martin

March 10 - Sharon Hendrix, Allie B. Tompkins, Emma Nell Johns, Alice Orange, Juanita Taliaferro, K.D. Boyle, Mattie Phillips, John Keiser, Lisa Caskey, Freeda Pritchard, Miranda Renee Vinson, Louie B. Lacy, Angela Upsher, Paula Williams, Borris W. Hamilton, Herman Reagh, Faye Crawford, Christie Williams, Clif Floyd, Colton Slayter, Marvis Strickland, Sonny Mosby, Tessa Shafer, Hunter Tizuitt, Keith Stanley, Alyssa Finklea, Jaci Gonzales, Makayla Mitchell, Calvin Mayfield, Ron Walden, Bill Leak


March 8 - Brian and Ellen Bittick

March 9 - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vanderlinden, Howard and Elaine Bowman