“The Alamo isn’t a structure now. It is a symbol of valor in the minds of men. It can never fall again.”

– John M. Myers,

“The Alamo” 1973

WELCOME back to Main Street – David Reeves closed his Alley Cats antique store at 213 E. Main a couple of years ago. He’s back.

DAVID will have his shop ready for customers in time for the opening day of KilGogh Arts Festival on March 31.

YES! Those who enjoy outside activities will join us in rejoicing at the return of Daylight Saving Time at 2 a.m. Sunday – but like me, you’ll “spring forward” before you go to bed Saturday.

SEVENTY countries and about a fifth of the world’s population observe DST. In the U.S. Daylight Saving Time is not observed in Hawaii and the territories of Guam, Samoa, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Also, in Arizona, DST is only observed on Navajo tribal lands.

U.S. REP. Louie Gohmert was not happy with the draft of legislation written to replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He said so in colorful terms: “I think amidst the horse excrement we can find a pony around here somewhere.”

WE get caught up in Texas Independence Day, March 2, and often overlook the March 6, 1835 fall of the Alamo. The number of Texan casualties is estimated at no less than 182 and no more than 250. Eyewitness reports indicate Santa Ana’s soldiers burned the bodies of 182 Alamo defenders.

TEXAS independence day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Texans' – led by Sam Houston – defeat of that same Santa Ana at San Jacinto four days less than a year after the fall of the Alamo.

WHEN Ada Alexander ‘cosplays’ she doesn’t skimp on the accessories: she and her Acro Flyers are hosting KidsGogh again this year during KilGogh’s outdoor events April 1, and they’re theming many of the arts and craft activities to the night’s free Cinema Under the Stars feature, Disney’s “Moana.”

FOR the finishing touches to her Gramma Tala costume, Ada’s bought a pet pig, Pua, and she’ll have a live rooster (like Moana’s Heihei) downtown as well.


March 11- Marvin Hilhouse, Betty Clark, Kristina Kay Beauchamp, Kay Maxwell, Christine Stroup, Jennifer McCubbin, Erica Rosas, Clara Prestidge, Nelda Johnigan, Tomma Dempsey, Dorothy Mills, Kelly Sneed, Jeff Sullivan Sr., Bette McKay, Lindsay Halbert, Bill Jones, Leon Johns, Shelly Martin, Mary Hendrix, Margie Hooper, Donna Wiggins, Michelle Roberts, Chris Barr

March 12 - Christine Louise Sadler, Frank Cline, Barbara Dickson Watkins, Connie Appling, Lisa Michelle Rowe, Cathy Collins, Marven Floyd, Megara Ballard, Betty Mills, Sidney Williams, Travis Thornton, Betty Woodard, Dorothy Dempsey, Candy Waller, Richie Benavides, Juanita Barnes, Ashley Nicole Simms, Mary Sanders, Cannon Chase Copeland

March 13 - Julie Lockhart, Caylen Martin, Vickie Cline, Bill Dase, Charles Duffy Bryant, Gwyn Bass, Gary N. Lawler, Leon Leach, Marrion White, Keldin Farrar, Clarence Smith, Scottie Philpott, Ashlynn Marie Cole, Jacob Roe, Grayson DeShayer, Wanda Polanka, Mary Hendrix, Tiffany Harris

March 14 - Rusty Ayrton Chapman, Tayler Leigh Bittick, Bart Bradley, Dixon Morton, Patrick Russell, Flo Francis, Betty Champion, Pat (Main) WhitWorth, Charles Petty, Kimberley Henderson, Donald Freeman, Leola Guess, Lauren Jean Nichols, Rho Neuson, Benton Custer


March 11- Pat and Gene Whitworth

March 12 - David and Amanda Jackson

March 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Larry Longmire

March 14 - Mr. and Mrs. John Robberson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nicks, Peggy and Jerry Smith, Don and Leona Freeman, Michelle and Antonio Laredo


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