“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.”

– Sir Terry Pratchett,

author of some of the funniest fantasy you’ll find.

AS soon as Debbie VanDoren realized Tuesday’s significance – that would be 3/14, a.k.a. Pi Day – she immediately began her preparations and soon delivered some prime pastries at Downtown D’Lites.

IF you missed her peanut butter pie … we can’t help you, but “pretty please” goes a long way.


SPEAKING of VanDorens, the restaurateur’s son, Trevor, has some earthy artwork on display: it would be a pretty time-consuming method of pest control, but melting down aluminum cans and pouring the result into an ant bed certainly makes a glittering impression.

REPUBLIC Services truck driver James Flemons was spotted going the extra mile for an elderly customer recently, helping her move her cart to the curb. Every courtesy has an impact – thanks, James, for a job well-done.

FRIDAY is St. Paddy’s Day, lest you forget. We’ve foolishly typed St. Patty’s in print in the past and were poked, prodded and pointedly pilloried for the faux pas.

IF you’re a fan of Kilgore Improvement & Beautification Association’s projects (we certainly are) like the Shakespeare Garden, the White Elephant resale store, the mini-derrick display on the World’s Richest Acre and more, you might take five minutes to get a membership form filled out.

THE same goes for fans of Kilgore Community Concerts Association: KIBA and KCCA both beautify the community in many ways, but they can’t do it without our help.

WE’LL see you Thursday morning for “coffee and connections” at the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Morning Brew. The March event is set for 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. March 16 at SBM United Contractors at 307 S. Commerce.

IT’S estimated there are about one quadrillion (that’s 15 zeroes behind the one) ants in the world. That’s a lot of ant-beds, Trevor; better step-up your can-collecting.

THERE’S another collection underway: KidsGogh’s volunteers are in need of clean glass bottles and baby food jars for a sand art project April 1. You can drop yours off at Two Bros. Po-Boys.


March 15 - David Ross, April Walden, Bob Kinniard, Danny Ray Sanders, George Owens, Lori Swain, Robert Latham, Reginald Portley, Ronnie Patton, Kathy Smith, Geneva Ruth Sanford, Cecilia Graham, Clayton Randall Grooms, Bob Young, Parrish Kindsey, Jimmy E. Jones, Stephanie Jones, Ivory Faye Williams, Felicia Farrar, Tommie Jean Lea, Kathy E. Herring, Chad Cornelison, Natalie Brady, Gail Conner

March 16 - Mace Tennison, Jerry Wayne Lambert, Judy Ferguson, Lester Fields Jr., Kenta Bell, Carrie Tackett, Sidney Rides, Brila Dudley, Bill Wilson, Gage Alec Armstrong, EmiLee MacAnn McKinley, Hunter, Schochler, Jack Lloyd Bolding, Elizabeth Leak

March 17 - Jamie Madonado, David Jones, Mrs. Calmora Sanders, John Robertson, Misty Hawkins, Deborah Rhoton, Cindy McIntosh, Mrs. Lois Cook, Patricia Peterson, Ray Nell Avant, Jo Ella Williams Jones, Emily Jade Brown


March 16 - Leo and Evelyn Warlick, Barry and Jennifer Gabriel

March 17 - Tony and Pennie Lloyd, Carl and Wanda Polanka


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