“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

SABINE graduate Dana Pundt, she of the startlingly clear voice, sang the lead role of Lucia in “Lucia De Lammermoor” last week.

DONIZETTI’S opera, based loosely on the Bride of Lammermoor by Sir Walter Scott, was sung in Italian at Boheme Opera NJ in Trenton, New Jersey.

ABOUT four decades ago, National Geographic published a lovely coffee table book entitled “Life in Rural America.” It was a pictorial record of small-town life – a stunning photo, for example, taken at a dance hall in Salmon, Idaho. There was even a picture taken at First Monday in Canton.

NATIONAL Geographic should have had a photographer downtown Kilgore Friday evening. Citizens Bank hosted a fund-raiser for Relay For Life (all-you-could-eat catfish and crawfish) while down the street, Downtown D’Lites was offering free dessert and coffee for their semi-regular Open Mic night.

COLLEGIALITY was the word of the evening. The two events carried the feel of an all-school reunion with neighbors shoulder-to-shoulder having conversations that neighbors have. The crowds weren’t record-breaking, but doggone it, what a nice way to end a work week.

OUR thanks to Debbie Van Doren and her crew at Downtown D’Lites and to Larry Long and his staff at Citizens Bank.

I’M pretty sure Easter Eggs were merely hard-boiled eggs, artistically dyed, when my children were growing up. Today they’re plastic and some contain actual money. And we complain about the commercialization of Christmas?

Which reminds us: we recently saw the results of a survey which said more than 88 percent of Americans believe the way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny is to eat the ears first.

FOR the record, some things really do go together: love and marriage, horse and carriage, steak and hash browns, Pam DeCeault’s blueberry pie and ice cream.


April 12 - Jennifer Haynes Gabriel, Cindy Swaim, Bill Reed, Monica Quintero, Janice O’Neil, Sidney Farrow, Lonnie Jimmerson, Lula Lawler, Julie Stanley, Shelby Page, Haley Page, Alice F. Gray

April 13 - Amanda Jackson, Lauren O’Quinn, Kim Nelson, Peggy Hierholzer, Terry Allen, Steve Allen, J.B. Flenniken, Debbie Cox, Amy Longmire, Virgil Peyton, Sonny Hanks, Mrs. R.R. Hancock, Kimberley Turner, Debra Roberts, Lindsay Reagh, Jay Malcolm Colley, Richard Utzman Jr., Tommy Clayton Jr., Fay Cotton, T.B. Cotton, Joshua Adam Croley, Jennifer Bowman, Griffin Beddingfield, Virginia Leak Jones, Ginger Jones

April 14 - Deanna Weaver, Kevin Ellis, Mrs. Sam Powe, Courtney DeShun Russell, Jack Ostrom, Amber Lawhorn, Tricia (Cricket) Kappen, Debbie Ruthven, Nequita Morgan, Robert Wingate, Terry Flenniken Jr., R.L. Carnahan, Eva Lacy, Wynona Nettles, Kate Norris, Leona Freeman, Jennifer Walton, Ray Rowe, Katy Allison

April 15 - Carol Waldman, Tiffanie Elmore, Tracy Robinson, Jane Ann Beverly, Gilly Breaux, Kenneth Welch, James Ferguson, Colin Johnson, Bobbie Jean Taylor, Pat Hawkins, Kena Shorter, Nancy Collins, Jan Edwards, Freddie Lollie, Nancy Waggoner, Brannon Lear Williams, Liz Couch, Lillie Mitchell


April 12 - Diann and Terry Tompkins

April 13 - Mr. and Mrs. M.A. LaRoux

April 14 - Mr. and Mrs. Nick Hearne

April 15 - Wilton and Jerry Jones, Chun and Falecia Halton


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