“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

– William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”

IF you weren’t among the 400-some Kilgoreos that voted early, please stop by city hall and vote today. There’s only one race – Ronnie Spradlin v Victor Boyd for mayor – but your vote could be the difference-make.


JOHN Dodd, associate director of the Texas Shakespeare Festival, tells us members of the Festival Guild bought $36,000 worth of Festival tickets Monday. All those transactions were on-line and all came before the tickets went on sale to the general public.

NEEDLESS to say, Festival personnel were ecstatic.

THE festival – they’ve been staging productions in the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center at Kilgore College since 1986 – is the only professional theater in East Texas. We love the Festival; we also love what it does for the image of our community and our college.

RONNIE Spradlin recently sent us a clipping from a 1964 News Herald – a photo of fifth graders Kenneth Laird and Richard Posey holding a dead 5-foot-long chicken snake. Behind them is their teacher, Helen Turner, holding the .22 caliber rifle with which she dispatched the snake: she shot it on campus with a rifle she had – on campus – with her.

“CAMPUS carry” was apparently acceptable in the mid-60s.

THE days of finding an inspection station which will ignore your bald tires may be nearing an end.

IT’S not on the governor’s desk for a signature yet, but the Texas Senate this week passed a bill which will eliminate the “safety inspection” as part of registering your automobile. Commercial vehicles will still require an inspection.

A WEBSITE called LendEDU recently surveyed 10,000 cities in the country to find out which cities have the highest and lowest student debt balances. Of those cities, Kilgore was 181 from the bottom with an average student debt of $22,233. Helotes, a San Antonio ‘burb, had the highest student debt balance at $59, 803; student debt in Kaufman was the lowest in the country at $10,925.


May 6 - J Mitchell, Jimmy Culp, Frances Garrett, Mrs. W.P. Donnelly, Sylvia Clark, Debbie Lloyd, Debbie Norris, Sandra Downs, Pam Holcombe, Helen Palmer, Joshua Palmer, Vickie Briggs

May 7 - Al Grush, Joel Charchio, Mrs. M.T. Jones, Claudette Breaux, Annette Rhodes, Rayfee Williams Jr., Kelly Summy, Patricia Sheffield Clayton, Christi Henley, Stan Jones, Jack Anderson, Barbara Wheeler, Annette Echols, Robert Partain, Hubert C. Smith, Kendall Bell, Isaiah Smith, Katlyn Robertson, John Kirkpatrick, Melanie McKnight

May 8 - Sandee Sidener, Chuck LeBaron, Kristin Cranford, Kelli Nelson, Margie Britt Frey, Chris Maxwell, Mae Lewis Smith, David Rhodes, Daniel Odom

May 9 - Bettie Rhodes, Susan Sullivan, Jean Morris Thornton, Ramon Merkley, Brenda Wheeler, Ashley Martin, Joe B. Cruseturner, Kimberly Burton


May 6 - Barbara and Sylvester Conrad

May 7 - Mr. and Mrs. W.C. McCollum

May 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rouse, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Swigner

May 9 - Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wright


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