“The’ ain’t nothin’ truer in the Bible,” declared Mrs. Bixbee with conviction, “‘n that sayin’ thet them that has gits.”

– Edward Westcott, ‘David Harum: A Story of American Life,’ 1898

AFTER 22 years, it would be easy to make the argument that Angela Burch has become the face of the Kilgore Police Department.

WE all know Chief Todd Hunter, Assistant Chief Roman Robertson and lieutenants Tony Stone and Jonathan Gage. Parents and students know the school resource officers and we know – for a wide variety of reasons – many of the patrol officers. We’ve become acquainted with most of the detectives.

BUT, really, it’s likely more people know Angela – she was the Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year a couple of years back – than any other member of the department.

JOIN us in congratulating Angela on her 22nd anniversary.

AND let’s all be happy for Chris Hancock, retiring from Kilgore School District after a 27-years career including administrative assistant to the superintendent for the last five or so since the retirement of Jeanette Holt.

SHE and Steve – he retired a few years earlier – will most assuredly spend more time with their daughter and family in Sulphur Springs and son in Seattle.

CHRIS and Steve dated while in school here and have, all these years later, made it to retirement together.

WE’RE on the cusp of one of the most important seasons in Kilgore – Texas Shakespeare Festival season.

MEMBERS of the cast and crew arrived this week, coming from all across the country to show up with time to spare for the annual “welcome” dinner hosted by the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce.

THE dinner this year will be at the Texas Broadcast Museum – on Main Street across from St. Luke’s – with dinner provided by the Mobbs companies.


May 20 - Michael Rhoton, Vi Wicki, Dora Hooper, Randy Shelburne, Gary LaGregs, Mark Moore, Jay Sherrer, Cecil Mayo, Mutt Watson, Jeanette Portley, John Pope, Cecil Tolleson, Helen Burrows, Shelia Moreland, Jeanne Scott, Vernon Ray Collins, Debbie Williams, Sgt. Joseph Heard, Kenneth Barnett

May 21 - Marle Sims, Mary Lloyd, Kelly Kimbrell, James Parish Jr., Evelyn Williams, Joshua Sullivan, Ross Brown, Rocco DeSantis, Sandra Waites, Jaime Veloz Jr., Treylon Stephenson

May 22 - Marissa Bass Stroud, Crawford Martin, Charlotte Heldenbrand, Paul Bynum, Toni Faith Whitaker, Gregory L. Henderson, Chris Wood, Callie Jones, Wesley Stone, Janet Weeks, Mrs. H.E. Engledow, Helen Hawkins, Wayne Gossage, Viola Ninney, Minnie McGill Tiffanie Lynn Morgan, Gerald Riley, Mary Sue Rosson, Precious Colquit, Henry Clay Wiley, Jackie Reddic Roy, John Moore

May 23 - Brad Faulkner, Terri Walker, Virginia Mankins, Jason Agee, Larry Hawkins, Billy Bob Brady, J.D. Wood, Nanette Sudweeks, Mark Burgess, Lee Herrin, Sandy Manos, Laverne Goodacre, Amye and Alan McCracken, Henry Taylor, Bessie Sibley, Tracy Orange, Jacob Dailey, Brandon Finley, Aubrianna Gulvan, Jake Taylor, Charles Nobles Jr.


May 20 - Rodney and Traci Portley, Gene and Rita Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Haskins, Dee and Sonya Headley

May 21 - Mr. and Mrs. Mike Killingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Blackman, Richard and Mildred Patterson, Cary and Angie Handley, Ramie and Marilyn Bowman, Gary and Jeane Linthicum

May 22 - Mr. and Mrs. James Shead, Rocco and Dimi DeSantis, Ronald and Cathy Hankins, Cheryl and Gilbert Covarruvias

May 23 - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Leach, Tim and Glynette Ford, Toni and Rance Taylor, Dicki and Michelle McFarland


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