“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

– Thomas Jefferson

WE hope your Fourth was as fun as ours.

HERE’S what we’ve learned from Facebook: Most facebook users don’t know the difference between sell and sale, passed and past or aw, awe and ah. Most know the difference between buy and by – proof we are a society of consumers.

YEAH, OK – Saturday’s weather was either inclement or threatening inclementcy most of the day so you missed the sidewalk games and the pony rides.

BUT you won’t want to miss this weekend’s Fridays After Five concert at the World’s Richest Acre. Kilgore’s young blues artist, Ally Venable will be on the Winter Elder Stage for a free concert. Already on the cusp of stardom – she’s on Sirius radio’s blue channel from time to time – she’s on the short list of people about whom someday you’ll say “I knew her when…”

THE concert starts at 8 a.m.; you’ll want to bring a lawn chair and maybe one of those battery-operated fans with a built-in mister.

CHARLIE’S Sno-Balls truck will be there with snow cones to help you stay comfortable.

VOLUNTEERS from Kilgore’s Habitat for Humanity were out there sweating Saturday morning, setting up the bounce house and positioning the game tables and chairs. When the storm blew – and we mean BLEW – in, they were out there folding the bounce house and helping put those chairs and tables back.

THOSE folks do far more than just build houses for people who couldn’t otherwise own one.


July 5 - Caitlin Quinlan, Mickea Anne Smith, Yvette Craig, Billie Lee, Sean Kennedy, Lynn Haily, Leticia Ortiz, Cindi Michelle Wade, Margaret Wilson, April Ward Johnson, Dan Taylor, Max Neel, Elmer Leighton, Wayne Honnsel, Mrs. Pearlie Rossum, Donnie Paul Franklin, Danny Presley, Reggie Daniels, Rachael Lindsey, Adrian Williams, Carson James Lenoir, Jonn Pool, Kelby Free, Antonio Laredo

July 6 - Lillian Spinks, Mrs. H.L. Pyle, Ronnie Moore, Tod Hayman, Clay Reagan, Michael Dean Jordan, Danny Taylor, Kathy Majors, Johnnie Ruth Henderson, Freda Rodgers, Troy Johnson, Dianne Morris, Lori Sanders, Eloise Walker, Joe Taylor, Christi Lawler, Tracey Savell, Jacob Dunaway, Tate Nicks, Ray Linthicum, Deborah Varnett, Blayne William Risinger, Ashley Garcia

July 7 - Kylie McKinnon, Aaron Knight, Stephanie Parker, Patty Clark, Chris Dorsey, Stan Martin, Mrs. Luther Holland, David Wheeler, Tommy Freeman, Heath Cleary, Karen May, Jenny Partain, Cathy Bradley, Cindy Frazier and Penny Thompson, Gerardo Diaz, Lindsey Inez, Britnee Hightower, Mary-Lynn Thrash, Kelsey Young


July 5 - Mr. and Mrs. Tom Merritt

July 6 - Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Mendez, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Ligon, Roger and Nancy Patterson


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