“Even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuts his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

– Proverbs of

Solomon 17:28

CALLING all cooks.

MAIN Street is hosting a competition for the best pies, cakes, jellies and jams, and pickles. The contest is Saturday (July 15). There’s no charge to enter but you will be asked to make a donation to the Kilgore Veterans Monument fund; winning will get you a ribbon and bragging rights.

JUDGING will be 12:30 in the now-vacant (formerly Expressions) building at 104 N. Main. Winners will be announced at 2 p.m.

ENTRY forms are available at J & Co. and at city hall. Failing that call here or Caraol Windham at city hall and we’ll email you one.

WILBUR Yates finally got that kidney. His critical metrics matched up with those of Pat Morchat, former Sabine school teacher and the wife of dentist Dr. Art, and she said “yes.” Actually, given what we know of Pat, she likely said something as enthusiastic as “Well, of course.”

WHAT an unspeakably unselfish gift a kidney is. Many of us remember Ray Reinert donating a kidney to a co-worker, yet another reminder that despite our cultural imperfections some among us are pretty darned close to perfectly generous.

WILBUR, husband of Kay, is an Edward Jones investment representative who’s been here almost forever, first as a banker and now – for about two decades – at Edward Jones.

THE governor and his sidekick lieutenant governor-talk show host may be about to lose the support of 1.4 million likely voters.

PART of Gov. Abbott’s special session will be devoted to school finance – remember the legislature approved a $1,000 ($83 per month) raise for teachers but decided local school districts should gin up the money to pay for it.

THE governor apparently wants to take a look at the teacher retirement system – that’s the 1.4 million likely voters – as well as school funding, voucher systems, testing and more.

SO teachers are rallying, most recently in Nacogdoches. Another such rally will be on the Gregg County courthouse lawn at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The public is invited.


July 8 - Bill D. Hedrick, Eugene Hablinski, David VanMeter, Paul Peery JoAnn Allen, Christian Cole Baker, April Baker

July 9 - Matthew Joseph, Britt Smith, Tania Welch, Georgia V. May, Kathryn Ott Toon, Linda Buckrell, Rhonda Jones, Dolly Hendrix, William H. MacDonald, Cora Lary, Dana Ransom, Edna Riddle, Kendall Steelman, Marcia Stallings, Ella Mae Walker, Marian Thomas, Stephen Wayne Hendrix, Johnny Smith, Keonta Robinson, Jessie Cubine, Lee Killingsworth, Linda Luann Tadlock

July 10 - Jessica Vanderwater, Christina Knight, Jerry Camp, Wanda Taylor, Tod Dickerson, Kelli Ann Fette, Casey Botter, John Wesley Ray, Becky Copeland, Paul Spear, Bryan D. Jones, JoAnn Cheshire, Pat Rhodes, Brenda Watson, Josh and Justin Head, Philip Shawn, Cathryn Elizabeth Black, Gerry Austin Jr., Whitney Taylor

July 11 - Jalayna Bass Davis, Lila Pearce, Christian Tucker, Peggy Howard, Carter Thomas Grooms, Kay Wallace, Melainie Bass, Richard Fowler, Kay Wren Michel, Andrew Simon, Angie Taylor, Tommy Swanson, James Hawley, Jim Wylie, Mary Morrison, Sheila Washington, Teresa Kingsbury, Doris Oglesby, Alec Stone, Karissa Lemly, Rev. E.L. Warren, Wendi Ann Baker, Daniel Garcia, Diane Biggs, Emily Ivins, Alley Marie Davis


July 8 - Will and Vettie Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roberson

July 9 - Bob and Lorane Hodges, Richard and Victoria Harris

July 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Daren Griffith


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