“Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well dressed. There ain’t much credit in that.”

Charles Dickens, ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’

SATURDAY’S Main Event, in our estimation, is the cooking contest. Judges will tastefully consider the taste, texture and appearance of cakes, pies, jams and jellies, and pickles. (Seriously. Pickles.)

IF you consider yourself a ribbon-worthy cook and would like to prove it to the naysayers in your neighborhood, email us ( for an entry form or pick one up at city hall.

ENTRIES must be delivered to 104 North Kilgore Street between 11 a.m. and 12:30 Saturday. Winners will be announced at 2 p.m.

FOR a list of other Saturday events in the most patriotic town in Texas, see the story in today’s Kilgore News Herald.

WECAN’T help but worry about jinxing this thing, but it’s worth noting: Today is July 11 and temperatures in Kilgore haven’t yet hit 100 degrees this year.

LIKE many of you, we remember the summer of 1980. That year the temperature crested 100 before Memorial Day… and another 78 days before the weather finally cooled in the fall. The dreadful summer was the year I parked my motorcycle in the garage and said “see you in September.” It was the year I decided I was too much a sissy to stay in East Texas and began a series of relocations that took me to western Oregon and to Colorado before finally returning (permanently, most likely) to the land where our fathers died… we even stayed through the summer of 2011 when it appeared fires would consume the state.

JUST so you know, Jim Cantore – our favorite meteorologist – and his cohorts at The Weather Channel don’t forsee any 100-degreede days in the next couple of weeks.


July 12 - John Graham, Mrs. Dorris Wilson, Sandy Moreno, Ramona Richardson, Corey Adams, Amy Lynn Pounders, Martha Smith, Evan Dinger, Mike Kerr, Pam Lewis, Debi Conrad, Darrell Gleghorn, Candace Callahan, Mark Lockhart, Heath Witt, Tonie Stanley, Drew Clements, Makala Cornett

July 13 - Arlene McDonald, Virginia Long, Mrs. A.P. Merritt Jr., Betty Jo Jeter, Blair Phillips, J. Phillips, Sylvia Bolding, Eva Mae Mills, Jack Coombs, Nicole Kidwell, Gloria Jones, Jenna Warlick, Jennifer Johnson, Sammy Henley Sr., Sam Mallett, Michell Fout, Bret Hedrick, Kelly Brown, David Pentecost Jr., Mrs. Denny M. Smith, Michelle Daniels, Chad Lundgreen, Angela Price

July 14 - Dr. John C. Austin, Addie B. Smith, Fannie Smith, Jason Shafer, Kara Camille Lacy, Mary Ann Russell, Linda Melton, Cecilia Johnson, Lindsey Waldrop, Jill Harton, Catherine Collins, Martha Rorschach, Kathy Morgan, Karen Patterson, Kenny Nail, Denise Camp, Randall Clark, Johnny Walker Sr., Donald Badger, Jamar Murphy, Charles Kellingsworth


July 12 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dees, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Dent

July 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graham, Chris and Melissa Kirbow

July 14 - Albert and Scarlet Chitwood, Mr. and Mrs.Billy Billingsley, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Sanders


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