“I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.”

– Everett Dirksen,

U.S. Senate Majority Leader 1959-69

A ONE hundred dollar ticket could get you $5,000 and a steak dinner.

AS another way to layer fun on top of fund raising, the Kilgore Boys and Girls Club is sponsoring a “last man standing” reverse draw-down on Aug. 11. Each time a number is drawn, the holder of that ticket is eliminated from the field. Ultimately, there’s one number left and that ticket holder takes the $5,000.

ONLY 100 tickets will be sold and each is $100 and includes a steak dinner prepared by Travis Martin and Kenny Mobbs. Additional steak dinner tickets – not eligible for the draw-down – are $20; the event will be staged at Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center.

OF course you can get a ticket at the News Herald. Or call me at 984-2593 and I’ll deliver your ticket anywhere in Kilgore. Tickets are also available at Citizens National Bank, Watson Report Service and from other members of the Boys and Girls Club board.

WE’RE getting closer…

THE fake palm tree was delivered to the under-construction splash pad Friday.

WE SURE miss former State Senator Kevin Eltife.

AMONG the newest members of the World Famour Rangerettes are Ryan Wayne (daughter of Shelly and Michael) of Kilgore and Rachel Green from Austin.

AUSTIN? Yep. She’s the niece of Kilgore resident and fomer (long-former) KC student Don Jeter. Don’s son, Colin, is a graduate of Longview High School and was recently signed as an undrafter free agent by the Indianapolis Colts – all-in-all a good spring for the Jeter family.

INTERESTING names on the guest register at the Gaston Museum in Joinerville. In recent weeks descendants of Mrs. Gaston (she donated land for the school which is now part of West Rusk Consolidated) and of the Joiner family visited the museum.

NEW London museum and the Gaston museum offer interesting perspectives on boomtown life in the Great East Texas Oil Field.


July 15 – Johnny Ethridge, T.H. English, Gene Fout, Laurie Thrower Day, Natalie Harris, Mrs. Melvin Spruill, William G. Stovall, Leana Laws, Glenn Wood, Iva Elam, Jamie Johns, Tonya Shelly, Kim Faulkner, Teresa Audas, Betty Thrower, Edna Jones, Tess Riley, Mary Nell Douglas, Robert Wilson, Gary Boyd, Kindred Fortson, Daniel Decker, Gerald Cubine, Mrs. A.J. Phipps, John Nations, Traci Ruston, Matthew Compton, Sonia Levingston, Deana Hutson, Zion Jackson, Justin B. Shires, Lee Kellingsworth

July 16 – Justin Mercer, Susan Reinbach, Traci Shafer Powell, Betty Vanderlinden, Todd Shelley, Theresa Walters, Melissa Dinger, Cody Eugene Herring, Dolores Brasher, Jane Terrell, Rebecca Partain, LaQuinta Fuller, Ray Jackson, Athena Sampson, Kay Turner, Jonathan Ray, Melinda Payne, Mae Nell Dudley, Chance Bailey, Larry Rossum, Jon Ray, Dana Brightwell, Fannie Mae Smith, Colin Lance Nichols, Jason Gough, Daniel McKnight

July 17 – Terri (Tarnawa) Gilmore, Tom Kinkaid, Keith Watson, Martel Peace, Bob Schleier, Billy Edward Brandy, Dorothy Chelette, Janelle Furgueron, Elizabeth Andrews, Marcus Ryan Dickey, Teresa Caldwell, Steven Reeves, Gary Huffman, Jo Ann Burnett, Frances Poage, Roy Lunsford, Peggy Owens, Ola Mae Fields, Jody Furgueron, Kathy Armstrong, Jesse Deen, Brandi Davis, Amanda R. Mills, Peggy Squier Hembree

July 18 – Syndi Madden, Morgan Deziral Jordan, Craig McAlister, Clay Little, Jason Ament, Linda Williams, Carrie Jo Reeves, Lou Emma Clayton, Bertha Woods, Tammy Kirkland, Bunny Jean Sanders, Mrs. Norma Pace, Whitney Shardia Adams, Betty Caskey, Myra Holland, Lisa Foster, Ruby Myers, Mary Hearn, Reginald Bell, Deanna Lacy, Juanita LeLora Jimenez, Connie Rosen, Travion Oliver, Sarah Pennington, Juanita Jimenez, Lynn Austin, Clay Godfrey Little


July 15 – Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ballenger, Alain and Jill Gee, Sanford and Nelda Stein

July 16 – Dan and Shirley Pratt

July 18 – Mr. and Mrs. Wade Pipkin


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