“There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics there is no honour.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

KUDOS to Carrie Jackson, Julie Beck, Debbie VanDoren, Ada Farenholt, Carol Windham, Ryan Polk and Josh Selleck for all the time they spent planning and executing the July activities downtown. The goal was for the community to win acclaim as The Most Patriotic Town in Texas – assuming there’s a contest with that category.

WHETHER we won that title or not, we certainly won when that group of Kilgoreos agreed to take it on.

WE can’t come close to adequately expressing our appreciation for the fireworks, the music, the watermelon, the cakes and pies and jellies and pickles, the pony rides, the speakers and – most of all – the opportunity to brag about Kilgore to the visitors who wandered through.

YES, the photo caption on page one of Saturday’s paper really did say the first day of school at KISD was July 21. We erred. It should have said August 21.

WE’VE just arrived in August and planning is underway for Main Street’s Oktoberfest – which will be in October rather than September. (If you have to have a September Oktoberfest but don’t have time for a trip to Central Europe, Avalon Faire will offer an Oktoberfest at their place out on FM 1252.)

I’VE got a week of vacation coming up. Including the weekends, that’s nine days… plenty of time for me to fill in as White House Communications Director.

LOOK, we’re connected on LinkedIn and – at least, in my experience – there’s no discernible value to that. Now you want to connect on some website called Alignable.

FORGET about it; I’m not going there.


August 2 - Ann Osborne, Margueritte Hedrick, Bob Bradford, Ricky Swaim, E.A. Avant, Shawn Billings, Valerie Gale Warren, Brandon Cop, Seleste Wilprit, Jalissa Javon Hamilton, Lisa Banks, Russ Johnson, C.C. Robins, Tanya Boyd, Kirt Walker, Jamie Graces, Pearl Woods, Dany Trout, Tabitha Morrow, Mark D. Williams, June Carolyn Brown

August 3 - Celeste Wilprit, Norman Copeland, Cheryle Maxwell, Kelly Gossage, Bobbie Petty, Zara Tanner, Charles Williams, Junana Buckham, Whitney Ellis, Shelby Nestleroad, Laci Morrow, Karen Loar, Robert Hale, Joe Cruseturner, Charley Walden, Naomia Baker, Sytha Gustafson, Kaitlin McCullough, William Buckham, Karen Ellis, Jimmy Barton, Dovie Ammons

August 4 - Buffy Lynn Rhodes, Nancy Patterson, Robin Rachal, Rhonda Cain, Doyle Goley, Jabali Sanders, Tiffany Johnston, Ken Sawyer, Mrs. J.A. Lancaster, Mary Ann Chambers, Robert Lee Wilson, Mary Zimmerman, Jim Laurence, James Harris, Jamie Horton, Amber Woodard, Audrey Pegues, Brey Ledet, Libbie Ward, Mike White, Magen Mumphrey, Matthew Ryan


August 2 - Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dean, Mr. and Mrs. George Hogue, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lawler, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sullivan

August 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Herring, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Frazier, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Guinn, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams

August 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Richard May


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