“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell

THEY come, we’re happy to say, and they go, we’re sad to report…

MY Brewing Solutions, a purveyor of all you need to brew your own beer, has moved from a space next to Jack Ryan’s on the north side of the tracks into the building at the corner of Main and Rusk Streets, across from Citizens Bank. Owner Ty King continues to work on the rest of the building, prepping it for the micro-brewery he plans to open there.

MEANWHILE, 2 Brothers Po-Boy Cajun restaurant on Kilgore Street has closed. Owner Josh Farenholt announced this week he was closing up shop (he’s found work elsewhere) and is looking for a buyer for the restaurant and its equipment.

FROM the organization you likely never heard of, American Rosie the Riveter Association:

“… is trying to locate women who worked on the home front during World War II."

THOUSANDS of women worked to support the war effort as riveters, welders, electricians, inspectors in factories, sewing clothing and parachutes for the military, rolling bandages and more.

AR the RA is a non-profit group – more than 5700 members – whose purpose is to recognize and preserve the history and legacy of working women during WWII. Officers and members all serve on a volunteer basis.

IF you are a woman (or a descendant of a woman) who worked during WWII – or if you’d just like more info – call 1-888-557-6743 or email

A COUPLE of weeks ago on this space I mentioned Rachel Green, a new Rangerette (78th line), niece of former KC Ranger and Kilgore resident Don Jeter and cousin of the more-recently-a-Ranger Colin Jeter. Since then I’ve learned her grandfather, John Jeter, was a member of the KC marching band when Rangerette line number 1 took the field during halftime of a Kilgore College football game.


August 9 - Valerie Bowne, Jacob Manning, Zachery Hagemann, David Robinson, Mark Webb, Scott Nelson, Nicholas William Holley, Vickie Martin, Barbara Ann Carpenter Conrod, R.M. Mobley, Kim Franks, Josh Cohagen, Richard Rorschach, John Pearce, Sally White, Joe Hendrix, Jamie Muckelroy, Sybil Adams, Laura Brown, Dusty Layne, Denise Sullivan, George B. Heil, Don Alexander, Ty’Breanna Wheat, Esmeralda Hoerta, Skylar Leak

August 10 - Patti Brooks, India Stroope, Ruth Mix, Sarah Whittington, Elisabeth Ponder II, Edgar Driver, Brian Derek Hernandez, Todd Patterson, Carroll Phillips, Jackie Prather, Mrs. Leslie Fout, Steve Waller, Maude Sue Dennis, Jimmie Colbert, Amber Michelle Briggs, Faye Wiggins Richards, Jayme Bradley, Anita Ragan, Phillip McCarty, Amanda Dorsey, Roy Irving, Carl Glenn Jr., Robert Hennly Smith, Jeff Sullins, Don Mobley, Christy Morris, Bridgett Ann Smith, Austin Payne, Jeremy Reese, Ambreenique Orange, Kutter Dale White, Amie Austin

August 11 - Samantha McCracken, Amanda Salton, Terry Booker, G.C. Goiggan, Charles Lovelace, Evelyn Scrogum, Martha Fletcher, Erika Warren, Butch Davidson, Sandy Snow, Mrs. Matthew Moore, Judy Baltz, Keith Beall, Joshua Griffin, Becky Dickenson, E.D. Sage, David Wade, Betty Petty, George Camp, Mike Merritt, Curly James Manning, Tiffani Danielle Patterson, Zachariah Dietz, Crissy Allison, Johnny L. Randall, Jazzmon E. Dudley, B.L. Jackson, Alex Jimenez and Crissy Allison.

August 9 - Donald and Tina McSpadden, Robert and James Woods Puryear

August 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Grush Jr.

August 11 - Mr. and Mrs. Floyce Eason, Richard and Karen Justin, Peggy and Ed Garner, Joey and Lisa DeGraffenreid


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