“Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

SALES Tax Holiday this

weekend, Mom and Dad…

THE holiday law exempts most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced for less than $100 from sales tax, saving shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend during the weekend.

I’M SURE you, too, are looking forward to the eclipse on the 21st.

FOR many of us, it’s not our first eclipse and we hope it’s not our last, but we still find ourselves excited about it. Perhaps because it’s the first coast-to-coast eclipse in a century or so; maybe it’s because even here the moon will block so much of the sunlight – whatever the reason, it’s going to be an interesting way for KISD students to start their school year.


IN the meantime, there’s that Perseid meteor shower Saturday night.

SHE ain’t dried up completely.

TEXAS Railroad Commission reports 49 permits were issued in July for oil and gas wells in the East Texas region. That doesn’t sound like a bunch (and it’s not a whole lot) but of the 12 regions, only four recorded more oil and gas drilling permits issued.

COMPLETIONS, though, were a whole different story. In the East Texas region, three oil wells and three gas wells were completed. Only the North Texas region recorded fewer completions – 6.

BY comparison, the Midland region recorded 482 permits and 229 completions.

YEARS ago, when Sonny Spradlin was still carrying peppers in his shirt pocket and sharing them with his mates at every meal, a truck was stolen from East Texas Lumber.

TEXAS Rangers eventually found it near Aransas Pass.

DO you know who stole it, Sonny’s son Ronnie inquired of the authorities? “Well there was a bunch of peppers in the cab so it was either your dad or a Mexican.”


August 12 - Jeff Bonner, Tom Waldo, Woody Hearn, Karen Alexander, Courtney Daniels, Ronald Eugene Iker, Jimmy A. Burton Sr., Virginia Adams, Karol Pruett, Annie J. Pack, Pam Atkinson, Glenn Allen, Joey Gunn, Matt Latham, Ida Mae Wilson, Debbie Compton, Mike Conner, Louise Sibley, Charles Smith

August 14 - Janis Slayter, Sue Light, Rena Mosier, Tanya Campbell, Jennifer Ater-Utzman, Joe Ellis, W.M. Virgil Gill, Shaketha Shanette Colbert, Ellen Womack, David Cline, George Sharp, Amanda Welch, Jane Walton, Blair Currin, Paul Pearson, Roy Ellis, Steven Truitt, Brian Dudley, Tealzie Randall, Monnica and Jessica Brown, Misty Pate, Oma Jackson, Julie Pool

August 15 - James M. Richardson, Mary Rucker, Wanda Pullin, Virgil Moore, Jeremy Sanders, Cissy Covnet, Je Wilson, Michael Moore, Jerry Taylor, LeAnne Lee, Veleta Mendenhall, Lisa Watson Hobbs, Kay Ketchum, Bobbie Mobley, Virginia Bagley, Courtney Jo Christie, Robert Glenn Lupfer, Cecilia Scott-Sanders, Candy Cole, Frank VanMeter, Laura Bynum, Carlos Johnson, Jimmy Thrower, Glenda Redd, Kim Michel Rodgers, Danny Harris II, Liana Loyd, Rommie Lee, Autumn Grace Roberts


August 12 - Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ledet

August 14 - Fred and Dolores Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Stangl, John and Jonni Slagle, Andy and Christine Szakely, Clayton and Christine Villyard

August 15 - Philip and Ola Lacy, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reynolds, Mike and Karen Conner, Laurie and Luther Bender


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