“In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

IT’S not your imagination: Summer is all but over.

NEED proof? Labor Day and its three-day weekend is but a few days away.

RECENT holidays have been accompanied by lower-than-typical gasoline prices. That could change by Labor Day as Hurricane Harvey (what kind of name is that for a storm?!) disrupts operations at refineries along the Texas and Louisiana coasts.

EAST Texas Hardware is filling a trailer to haul to the area affected by Hurricane Harvey and they’d like to head south Thursday morning.

TEXAS food banks suggest donating hand-held snack items such as granola bars; pop-top, ready-to-eat items; shelf-stable pantry items such as peanut butter, tuna and soup; bottled water; cleaning supplies (bleach, non-bleach, paper towels, etc.) and personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.).

SHOULD you be interested in a first-person report on the recent legislative session – regular and special – you might still be able to score a ticket to the Chamber of Commerce’s Capitol Connect luncheon.

THE Chamber is hosting Rep. Travis Clardy, Rep. Jay Dean and Sen. Bryan Hughes in the Devall Student Center ballroom at 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Tickets are $35 each. Call 903-984-5022 to reserve a seat and a meal.

WE’VE seen several westbound convoys on I-20 and southbound convoys on Hwy. 271 – lines of ambulances and buses – and can’t help but wonder if they’re headed to the coastal bend. If so, there they will join firefighters, emergency medical technicians, national guardsmen, doctors, nurses and ordinary boat owners in helping with the Dunkirk-like effort to get millions of Texans out of harms way.

KILGORE has two fire trucks – a full-on fire engine and a brush truck – and six firefighters helping in Galveston and Montgomery counties.


August 30 - Cheri Hill, David Stroud, Geneviene Warner, Scott Cagle, Jan Hattaway, Sandra Ware, Sandra Huffman, Annie Kate Sharp, Wesley Scott, Janie Green, Mrs. Mike Merritt, Kevin Sheppard, Justin McClenny, Summer Henson, Cheryl Tiel, Christopher Stoddard, Sammy Jo Wise, Tina Henry, Mya Collins

August 31 - Marcy Sims, Kelli Dawning, Michael Clements Jr., Jo Ann Colbert, R. Mills Griffin, John Barnett, Rhonda Taylor, Diane Lambert, Bill Linn, Philip Couch, Paul Winningham, A.V. Adams, Jan Holt, Tom Boudreau, Kelly Powers, John Jackson, Libby Lane, Chuck Turner, Wesley Causly, Raymond Caldwell, Rocky Vincent, J.F. Burnett, Susan Warren, Chad Gorman, Blane Sinclair, Mia Wheat, Jaden Roberson, Greg Pool, Fred Kappen

September 1 - Callie Cunyus, Sandy May, Somer Connelly, Glenn Jones, Tommy Clayton, Kay Shelburne, Cindy Joyner, Earline McCathran, Carl Wayne Gregg III, Anthony Wayne Wheat, Jerry W. Gungton, Ann Wyche, Otis Taylor Jr., Allison Adams, W.W. Troboy, Mary Zuber, Jason Erwin, Jesse Kellebrew, Bobby Williams, Kay Redd, Mitch Lucas


August 30 - Rev. and Mrs. Gary L. Walker, Andy and Jan Elliott, Calvin and Susan Sims, Clifton and Virginia Cameron, Michael and Shella McCarty, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Maxwell, Wayne and Marsha Cain, Nolan and Sandra Lewis

August 31 - Mr. and Mrs. Tim Anderson, Wesley and Shara Jobe

September 1 - James and Nell Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Denny M. Smith, Robert and Debbie Copeland, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jamerson, Caroll and Sandra Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson, James and Leola Guess, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elder III, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Hunter


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