“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

– William Barclay

WHAT a week, huh?

HURRICANE Harvey hammered the upper Texas coast, half the flat-bottomed boats and pickups in East Texas and Louisiana were on call between Corpus and Orange, and Dallas Cowboys die-hards worked themselves into a lather over the now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t suspension of Ezekiel Elliott.

LOCALLY, Schlotzky’s announced it’s opening on September 14 – welcome home, manager Ryan Roberts. Also this week The Catch, a seafood restaurant with a eight stores scattered around the eastern half of Texas, announced it’s opening a restaurant on Kilgore Street in the building most recently occupied by 2 Brothers Po’ Boy – still more than a month away, though.

AND, of course, rain spun off from the hurricane has delayed, yet again, the completion of the splash pad at City Park.

CITIZENS National Bank – based in Henderson and in Kilgore it’s the former Kilgore National Bank – has donated $5,000 to the Hurricane Harvey relief agencies. The bank is also collecting non-perishable food items for delivery September 15 and October 2, says local market President Pam DeCeault.

PLEASE take your food donations to the bank beginning Tuesday after the holiday. If the bank is closed, feel free to leave your donation by the door of either their main building or the annex.

THERE were the Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964. Then Gen X-ers, born 1965 to 1976 followed by Millennials (Gen Y) born 1977 to 1975. And now there’s the iGen, (internet generation) or Centennials, born 1996 and later.

APPARENTLY those born before the Boomers were merely people.

AT every buffet line, someone has to be first. Am I right, Kenneth Plunk?

A CHAMBER of Commerce membership effort led by Chairman Reece Nichols and President Cindy Morris was on a tear over the course of the last two weeks – enrolling 30 new members. Of the half-dozen recruitment teams participating in the campaign, the team led by Bobby Beane was most successful – and won the proverbial free lunch.


September 2 - Mrs. Kelvin Farrar, Michael Averitte, David Wylie, Mrs. A.S. Kay, Mrs. R.L. Walsh, Mrs. W.T. Stone, Mrs. Ross Webb, Jim F. Griffin Jr., Nancy Majors, Jean Melton, Bruce Carroll, Wayne Knighton, Curtis Neal Hutto, Henry Earl Williams, Maggie Dent, Evelyn McGills, Pali Shankles, Sara Berden

September 3 - Sheila Baty, Nona Taylor, Debra Renae Jentes, Kari Ann Guess, Clint G. Howell, Brent Beane, Travis Thompson, Pamela Peterson, Scott Scribner, John David Nix, Donna Young, W.W. Roberts, Kevin Dorsey, Travis Driver, Billy Bynum, Ray Haskins, Jo Lynn Brasher, Paul Hanover, Scott Barber, Everett English, Starr “Rainy” Burdwell, Anna Bess Hedrick, Ralph Plaxco, Margaret Roberts

September 4 - David Jackson, Brooks Bobb, Jack Pirtle, Mrs. James Silvertooth, Mary Mapps, Christina Green, Helen Luis, Twins Ronald and Donald Davidson, Barbara Curtis, Janie Cox, Michael Matthews, Daniel Stovall, Dona Baker

September 5 - Mannie Whittington, Kevin Dill, Lori Clark, Mrs. Robert Echols, Mrs. Estell Ratcliff, Ronald McFadden, Scott Hampton, Barbara Badair, Brenda Davidson, Gene Lowery, Darrell Taylor, Susie Hill, Gina Bass, Jeremy Norris, Felicia Ann Allen, David Hunter, Joel Sheppard, Rita Hudgins, Mathew Smith, Mikyah Guerrero


September 2 - Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Allen

September 3 - Mr. and Mrs. James C. Waggoner, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Strickland, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Madden

September 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Willie James Roberson

September 5 - Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gazette


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