“Work as if you were to live a hundred years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow.”

– Benjamin Franklin (Poor Richard’s Almanac)

MUSIC is not my life. But it has certainly enriched my life – musicians as diverse as George Gershwin, George Benson and George Harrison have the ability to affect my mood and my attitude – I enjoy music-done-well as much as the next guy. And it’s scary how well I sing in the shower.

HAVING said that, it thrills us – that’s not hyperbole – that about 20 percent of the awards handed out at the ETX Music awards last weekend went to people and places in Kilgore or with strong connections here. A story in today’s News Herald offers detail, but let me in this causal space congratulate Neal Laney, Jackie and Vicki Clayton (The Back Porch), Ally Venable, Katy Lou and Penny Lea Clark (The Purple Hulls) and the Kilgore High School band.

ATTENTION conspiracists: The News Herald microfilm that would include our issue of 9/11/2001 is missing both from our archives and from the Kilgore College library archives.


PLEASANT as these brisk mornings have been, the temperatures have still been shy of record territory. Monday’s low, for example was 57 – certainly nice, but on that date in 1907 the temperature in Longview dipped to 50 degrees, according to the weather service. (That was before the climate changed – in ’39 the high temperature on Sept. 11 was 105.)

SEPTEMBER 14 is North Texas Giving Day and the Cotton Bowl Foundation has selected the Kilgore College Rangerettes as the beneficiary of all money donated to the foundation between now and midnight Thursday.

THEY’VE set a goal of $50,000 for the campaign they call “Sweethearts of Our Gridiron” – a nod to the title of Chip Hale’s award-winning Rangerette documentary, “Sweethearts of the Gridiron.” awaits your log-in and credit card info.

(WHEN the Rangerettes perform at the Cotton Bowl on January 2, it will mark 68 consecutive Cotton Bowl shows for the dance and drill team from Kilgore College.)

IF you're looking for more options, we can recommend other local organizations that would benefit from your Day of Giving gifts.


September 13 - Alisa Pina, Freddie Rosas, Gregg Hammock, Melinda Dykes, Hannah Noel Lewis, Liam Quinlan

September 15 - Mae Rucker, Robin Shaw, Jamie Harris, Johnnie Kinkaid, Judy Oglesby, Brittany Stone, David Spinks, Epiphany Dennis, Trampy “Bubba” Nel

September 16 - Allan Collins, Nicholas Cline, John Castles, George Joyner Sr., Rodney Hensley, Nathan D. Jones, Bradley Hogue, Mrs. Charles Ringler, Cassie Wyn Headley, Shenika Dunn, Mrs. Lee Kirk, Patti Ramey, Mike Wink, Debbie Petty, Margaret Brantley, Sue Hearne, Karlene Gunn, Kay Vernon, Mark Smires, Rick Gabehart, Mark Lane, Jimeshia Dennis, Helen Benson Givens, Margaret Brantley


September 15 - LaVante and Jeanette Dunn


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