“The mind of this country, taught to aim at low objects, eats upon itself.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

NOT solely to keep you guessing, the East Texas Oilmen’s Chili Cook-off has been moved to October this year… a departure from the usual first-Thursday-in-November date.

SOME of the cooking-teams come to town and start setting up on Tuesday, well in advance of the Thursday cook-off. This year, Halloween is on a Tuesday – the Tuesday those early-bird teams would normally arrive on Commerce Street – and cook-off planners prefer not to have trick-or-treaters traipsing through the chili prep equipment. So we’ll get chili a week earlier this year, shortening the hiatus from the usual 52 weeks to 51 but likely making us wait 53 weeks for the next one.

FROM the department of typographical errors we didn’t make:

“VICTIMS of this year’s hurricane season looking for assistance were instead met with a much different message following a typo made by FEMA earlier this week.

“THE Miami Herald reports FEMA’s Region 4 office tweeted the wrong number for roof repairs Wednesday, instead directing consumers to a phone sex hotline. “

KILGORE’S version of National Night Out, organized by Kilgore Police Lieutenant Tony Stone, is next Tuesday. A list of neighborhood watch parties is in today’s News Herald.

YOUR critters can be well-blessed this season.

ST. PAUL’S Episcopal will host its annual Blessing of the Animals Saturday Oct. 7 with registration at 10 and the blessing at 10:30. As always, there is a contest – winners will be named in several categories including largest pet, smallest pet, best of show, best costume, most unusual and owner-pet look-alike. (The first 30 registrants will get a free St. Francis of Assisi pet medal.)

A COUPLE of blocks away, Methodist blessings will be conferred at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church as part of the annual Pumpkin Patch activities.

PUTTING it in context, St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day is Oct. 4. St. Francis is generally remembered as the patron saint of animals.


September 27 - Loy Gordon, Thomas Williams, Willie James Robertson, Jeanette Dunn, Mrs. Donnie Hadaway, David Floyd Pete Sieber, Doug Swaim Jr., Sammy Adamson, Vicki Compton, James P. Allen, Adam McKinney, Bonnie Reynolds, Phil Castles, Benny Toole, Pam Harris, Mary Russell, Edgar Russell, Hazel Johnson, Daniel Owens, J.J. Mumphrey, Roger Hillhouse, Sheryl Shelton, Shannon Combs, Lucretiea Williams, Janel Dunn, Jonni Slagle, Kalynne May, Larry Kinkaid, Jack D. Leak Jr., Kamdon Griffin

September 28 - Dee Zimmerman, Alliene Dockery, Loretta Pruitt, Jean Fleet, Benny Womack, Detric Ward, Cara Bell, Keath Ray, Henry Young, Mike Botter, Ricki Sanders, Wayne Goley, Ashley Nicole Dailey, Paula Jean, Paul Square, Adrian Ward, Pat Cook, Lou Ann Williams, Caroline Martin, Pam Petty, Precious Bell, Judia Harvey, Mrs. J. Robert Floyd, Goldie Mason, Malford Beall, Odessa Shepard, Ruth Castles, Connie Duggins, Gay Cale, April (Sissy) Buck Kappen

September 29 - Mary Aikman, Rob Schleier, Jack Elder Jr., Cecil Stokley, Randy Jones, Trace K. Fore, Len Stewart, Mrs. Brad Thrower, Mrs. Joe Ellis, Mrs. J.T. Stout, Gina Powell, Dana Wright, Marie Jones, Tommy Tate, Valorie Stangl, Danny Jones, Sara Wilburne, Jonathan Latham


September 27 - George and Neda Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sims

September 28 - C.O. and Evelyn Shores, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Springer, Carl and Kathy Eke, Bill and Brenda Brown


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