“No man lives without jostling and being jostled; in all ways he has to elbow himself through the world, giving and receiving offense.”

– Thomas Carlyle, 1838

LET’S try one more time to put this rumor to rest:

AS of this moment there are no announced plans and no building permits issued for a new Dairy Queen in Kilgore – not even next door to Schlotzky’s and the under-construction Panda Express.

WE can say with some certainty that “conversations about a Dairy Queen” were had, but they didn't include anyone whose kept us in the loop.

THE cockles of our heart are warmed each afternoon we pass the new splash pad and note the 4-year-olds dashing madly from spray fixture to splash fixture.

THERE must be a horde of parents who, knowing the children will sleep soundly on account of burning through their energy at the water park, offer silent thanks to Ronnie Spradlin for endowing Kilgore’s newest attraction.

THAT splash pad still isn’t finished, though. There’s an overdue fence and some other detail that needs to be completed – there might not be an official opening for quite some time, we’re told. Happily, as it turns out, kids don’t need a ribbon-cutting.

WE’VE apparently come to that place, that new doctrinal junction at which those who watch professional football will have to hide it from the neighbors. We’ll be the reverse of smokers… while smokers hie themselves outside for a smoke, we’ll draw the curtains so passersby can’t see what’s on our TV screens.

THE first (to our knowledge) fund-raiser of the coming campaign season was at the Lloyd and Evelyn Bolding barn Thursday evening – the beneficiary was the Tom Watson campaign.

TOM, local attorney – he’s a partner at Phillips, Watson & Gilchrist – and former Kilgore policeman and Gregg County deputy sheriff, hopes to unseat Gregg County District Attorney Carl Dorrough.

WE don’t know how many guests were present Thursday, but the press release identified 156 hosts.


September 30 – Martha Page, Nick Hearne, Martha Beverly, Joe Welch, Craig Spofford, Lizzie Walker, Beverly Ragle, Gene Sparkman, Charles Peterson Jr., Edward Sanders, Kevin De Lange, Alysia Renee Butler, Yomaya Renee Jones, Mary Carpenter Hunt Lovebird, Chiketa Kelly, Doyce Freeman, Pauline Howell, Ruth Murphey, Dorris Wilson, Steve Doan, Larry Gattis, Ed Thieman, Anita Dowdy, Burl Burton, Wendy Williams, Terry Longmire, Whitney Williams, Brittany Williams, Mary Hunt, Callie Harvey, Kelli Jo Sadler, J.T. Odom, Jerry Ted Roberts, Peyton Maxwell Sharp, Carter Staney, Gleiselda Vazquez

October 1 – Adele LaGregs, Bill Hughes, Suzie Van Meter, B.B. Shelton, Renee Ethridge, Mike Maddox, Crystal Harkness, Amy Bates, Nina Woodward, Patricia Hanisee, Beverly Golden, Cynthia Williams, Erin Gore, Eddie Axberg, Erica Melton, Tamra Colbert, Betty Baker, Victoria Harris

October 2 – Ken Taylor, Dalton Clark, Erik Moore, Joshua Jones, J.E. Nixon, Linda McKinnon, Mrs. H.W. Loper, Jason Colbert, Matt Harrington, Clay Kinney, Abie Jones, James Campbell, Monroe Lacy, Mandy Lee, David McElroy, Angie Logan, Stephanie Kirksey, Bebe Murphey, Danny Warren, Luke Clements, Barbara Miles, Justin Tolleson, Tasha Killingsworth, Gene Taliaferro, Glynette Ford, Donna Powell, Wyche Holt, Kegina Powe, Kaydon Griffin

October 3 – Cecil Ware, Jamie Roach, Mary Hall, Melissa McCathra, Shirley Mason, Cherly Ann Perry, Mrs. Claude Martin, Leo Buddy Attaway, Sally White Cohan, Larry Fears Jr., Brittany Tedder, Roy Briggs, Olen Flemming, Larry Smith, J.J. Brightwell, Logan Corbett, Taylor Cundieff, Shane Ross, Linsey Howell


September 30 - John and Wanda Gunn, Gay and David Cale

October 3 - Carl and Eloise Gafford


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