“He who rebukes the world is rebuked by the world.”

– Rudyard Kipling,

‘The Undertakers’

PEARL Earl, a Denton-based band that includes Kilgore native and KHS graduate Bailey Chapman as drummer, has been nominated for Dallas Observer awards for Best Song and Best Album. And, in addition, Bailey has been nominated for Best Drummer.

BAILEY is the daughter of Karol Pruett and Rusty Chapman.

SISTER Ayrton Chapman is a performance artist with a YouTube channel, "Story Time With Grumbles and Friends.” Both will be in the Reel East Texas Film Festival in mid-November: Ayrton with a short stop-motion film, “Incoherent Cycle,” and Pearl Earl with a music video.

A JUSTIFIABLE and obviously deserved ‘Thank You’ goes to Dale Lessenberry and Longview-Kilgore Cable for funding Saturday’s in-the-park presentation of the summer blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’ and to Reel East Texas Film Festival for organizing the event. We have no doubt all 450 or so scattered across the hillside fronting the amphitheater were as appreciative as we were.

THE thank you that gets overlooked is the thanks owed Kilgore Improvement and Beautification Association (KIBA). About 15 Years ago, KIBA completed the fundraising, hired an architect and a construction company and built the amphitheater at City Park.

GENE Keenon and other KIBA members who shepherded the project from start to finish, raised $176,000. The city then used that contribution to match state grant money and improve the park. Today the amphitheater is the centerpiece of a park which includes pavilions, swimming pool, horseshoe puts, a skate park, a splash pad and the loveliest library in the state.

A SURVEY by Wallet Hub recently identified Frisco as the fastest-growing among 515 largest cities in the country. Longview was number 484. Shreveport was number 515.

THE rest of the top ten were Kent, WA, Lehigh Acres, FL; Meridian, ID; Midland; McKinney; Fort Myers, FL; Bend, OR; Austin and Pleasanton, CA.

THE slow 10 were Waterbury CT; Racine, WI; Fort Smith, AR; Davenport, IA; Baton Rouge, LA; Montgomery, AL; Decatur, IL; Fayetteville, NC; Jacksonville, NC and Shreveport.


October 4 - Mrs. Truman Foster, Roger Cox, Laci Cox, Boyce Wood, Mrs. Jeanette Easton, Kay Smires, Darlene Riley, Doyle McCathron, Sharon Yvonne Reagh, Donna McFarland, Jonnie Woodberry, Carey Halbert, Elizabeth Bankston, Bunnye Botter, Debbie Mix, Jim Brinkley, Jacki Harvey, Ronnie Hounsel, Jackie Reynolds, Isiah Colbert

October 5 - Katie Honea, Jessica Hargrave, Angela Rossum, Sharon Walker, Jason Randolph, Doyle Lawhorn, Annie Mae Palmer, James Allen Roberts, Verner Laird II, Bob Barbee, Suzanne Hunter, A.E. Gazette, Jaleesa Roberts, Melissa Phillips, Diane Sibley Bell, Lanetta Williams, Renee Routon Smith, Adrian Canchola, Ma’kiyan Moye, Jerease Butler, and Kayedean Barker

October 6 - Beverly Stovall, Juliandra Morton, Teresa Williams, Mrs. Fred Hughes, Amber Jean Horton, John Hanisee, Sandra Miles, Eddie Montgomery, Cyndy McFarland, Michael L. Smith, Doug Hageman, Kenneth Smart, Clarence Chastain, Dolores Hughes, Mike Conner, Tyshona Roberts, Lori Anne Dean, Mike “Chokerlee” Killingsworth


October 4 - Randy and Debbie Ross, Everett and Billie Walker

October 5 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan Jr.

October 6 - Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Jones


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