“If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”

– Winston Churchill, 1940

ONE of our favorite, but false, Friday the 13th myths was published as a “filler” in Reader’s Digest some years back, giving it some measure of credibility – which it did not deserve. It follows:

“The reluctance of seamen to sail on Friday became so common that many years ago the British government decided to take strong measures to prove the fallacy of that superstition.

“They laid the keel of a new vessel on Friday, named her HMS Friday, and launched her on Friday. Then they placed her in command of one Captain Friday, and sent her to sea on Friday. The scheme had only one drawback – neither ship nor crew was ever heard of again.”

THE other drawback: according to the World Wide Web there has never been an HMS Friday.

WE’RE not droughty yet, but the Texas Water Development Board says our little corner of the state is “abnormally dry.”

ACCORDING to the National Weather Service, the rain gauge at East Texas Regional Airport has collected 35.81 inches of rain since January 1, fractionally above the normal 35.21.

WE’RE unable to recall ever “eagerly anticipating” the release of a documentary film… until now.

IF you remember Michael and Sandra Brown from their days as a news anchor team on Tyler television in the early ‘70s, raise your hand. Me, too.

THE MICHAEL half of that couple (the Sandra half is a successful novelist) has recently completed a documentary on the New London school explosion.

MY grandparents and my mom, like yours, lived six or eight miles down the road from the school when it exploded in 1937; my grandfather, like yours, helped friends search through the rubble for the bodies of their dead children. We’ve always thought we knew what there was to know about the tragic event, but we will surely find that to be incorrect.

HERE comes, a documentary we eagerly anticipate.

A LIFETIME fishing license from Texas Parks and Wildlife is $1,000 – a pretty good deal if you’re, say, 40 years old. But an annual senior citizen freshwater license is $12. I’m sticking with the annual license.


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