“A chief is a man who assumes responsibility. He says ‘I was beaten’, he does not say ‘My men were beaten.’”

– Antoine de


THE Texas Tribune quotes the Nacogdoches Sentinel, reporting that State Rep. Travis Clardy has some interest in replacing Joe Straus as speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

REP. Clardy – he represents District 11, which includes Rusk County – is an attorney from Nacogdoches who’s now halfway through his third term in the House. While we’re not sure he’s extreme enough to win the support of the frothier members of the GOP, we can say with certainty he’s been responsive (without pandering) to the interests of Kilgore.

YES, there really is an election Tuesday.

THE details – that’s where the devil normally hangs out – are included in a story in today’s News Herald. There are no local races; the ballot here is devoted entirely to constitutional amendments.

OUR news story details the amendments but if you’re looking for arguments for and against, we recommend the League of Women Voters website:

AS an aside. The Texas constitution already includes 491 amendments. In addition, Texas voters have rejected 179 amendments… so far. By way of comparison, the United States constitution has been amended 27 times including the most recent, passed in 1992, which says any pay raise for Congressmen can’t be implemented until after the next Congressional election – designed to keep Congressmen from giving themselves a raise.

IF you’re Chuck Conrad, owner of the Texas Broadcasting Museum, you’re excited about the coming weekend.

Texas radio luminaries will convene in Kilgore for the first – but not the last – time. With Saturday’s Radio Hall of Fame induction event, Kilgore’s newest museum becomes publicly the home of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

RADIO folks long ago snapped up all the available tickets, so expect some “strangers” – including some with melodious voices – in town.


November 2 - Mike Madden, Madeline Squier, Briant Sanders, Kristen Claire Elder, Sheryle Bradford, Sherry Moreno, Bernice Nolen, Rusty Silvertooth, Mary Mayfield, Paula Cubine, Virginia Gibbons, Robin White, Janet Welsh, Mrs. Pete Watson, Matthew Caldwell, John David Williams, Stephen Kieth Daniel, Grace McFarland, Roger Brigmon Sr., Daryl Jones, Elizabeth Ainsworth, Branson Emerson, Devi Vaughn, Austin Mrozinski, Luke Edward Richey

November 3 - Amme Stephenson, Hunter Watson, Sandi Moore, Pat Anderson, Joel Herrelson, Mrs. Bill Stanley, Carla Taylor Johnson, Stacey LeAnn Killingsworth Bynum, Ray Guin, Allen Sellers, Scott Mitchell, Glenda Raines, Cleo Johnson, Jim Oritz, Scott Summy, Clair Laird, Kay Clark, Phillip Jordan, Whitney Lovelace, Albert Chitwood, Ruby Vaughn, Susie Philpott, Tiffany Franklin, Terrance Burkes, Melissa Johnson


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