“A free press can of course be good or bad but, most certainly, without freedom it will never be anything but bad.”

– Albert Camus,

‘Resistance, Rebellion and Death,’ 1960

WE’RE saddened to remind you that your opportunity for an afternoon in the sunshine will be an hour shorter beginning Sunday. On the other hand, the sun will rise an hour earlier.

DAYLIGHT Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday… you’ll want to set your clock back an hour Saturday night before you drop off to sleep.

OVERTON Healthcare Center – the nursing facility just beyond the tracks on Hwy 135 in Overton – is coordinating a coat and blanket drive through this month. If you’ve got a coat or blanket you think would be appropriate for a senior citizen, please drop it off at that location.

JIM and Debbie Ott were on TV Wednesday evening – strictly as observers.

THEY were on the set of Wheel of Fortune to root for daughter Amy, and apparently it worked. Amy left the show with “the big pot” worth $53,400 – including a new Volkswagen automobile.

JIM is a life-long resident of Kilgore – his father was a doctor here – and Debbie has been here since her family moved to Kilgore while she was a youngster.

DR. Charles Whiteside has been named to a business advisory committee at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall. He’s one of five persons from area businesses on a panel to advise business department faculty on issues of note.

CHARLES, as most know, came to Kilgore to teach chemistry at Kilgore College. On the side, he started a business, testing such things as municipal water supplies. The business prospered, Dr. Whiteside “graduated” from KC and today Ana-Lab is one of the busiest such firms in the country.


November 4 - Karen Cole, Max Miller, Ronnie Strong Jr., Janice Marie Webb, Gary Leerstang, Robert Green, Beverly Dorminy, Carmen Calloway, Thelma Miller, Joey De Graffenreid, Rachel McLester, Jimmy Green, Lerline Stokley, Mary Dunn, Eric Parish, Johnny B. Gunn, Helen Jones, William Barber, Harley Joe Mitchell, Janice Badger, Ann Thurmond, Mildred Meabon, Mona Clower, Eric Mitchell, Ann Rossum, Bailey Francis

November 5 - Cathy Geese, Lauren Elrod, Arthur Coleman, Camilla Ballard, Kenneth Autry, Joseph E. Taylor, Justin Chambers, Victor Firdel Tyeskie, Robert S. Peek Jr., Daron Scott Trull, Chris Logan, Minnette Luis, Tina King, Michael Bynum, Blake Messer, W.C. Rodgers, Nelda Graham, Kit Kirk Laird, Meachell Bell, Steven Gleaton, Gertrude Marshall, Melvin Caskey, Isabel Trejo, Erica Trejo, Vicki Clayton

November 6 - Lane Jordan, Nannette Lewis, Steven Leach, Christine Tanner, Mabel Richardson, Josephine Davis, Natasha Griffith, Gary Pepper, Janet Green, Cindy Cline, John Tanner, Jan Wylie, Ricky Lawler, Max Grimes, Dorothy Brooks, Judy Brooks Carpenter, Patsy Jones, Jayce McFarland, Corey Stewart, Mamie Jones Debose

November 7 - Paige Dawn Underwood, Haley Katherine Hinton, Bobby Mizell, Alan Light, Norma Loey, Beth Biersdorfer, Sherenna Rossum, Charla Starkey, Mrs. Travis Crews, Jonathan Lee Riley, Pat Canterbury, James Sanders, Chip Sullivan, Jerry Jones, Katie Wylie, Christa Starkey, Virgel Conner, Trynity Henderson, Charles Lower, Dillan Hale


November 5 - Wesley and Betty Lou Stone, Robert and Eloise Green

November 6 - Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pegues

November 7 - Mr. and Mrs. Terry Pickard, Alejandro and Lori Rosas


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