“The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”

--Robert Frost

“THIS organ festival is one of the things that put Kilgore on the map.”

THAT was the opinion offered by a guest at this week’s East Texas Pipe Organ Festival celebrating the Roy Perry-built organs here, in Longview and in Shreveport.

THE brainchild of First Presbyterian’s organist, Lorenz Maycher, the festival in its seventh year brings organists and aficionados from across the country and Europe to Kilgore for five days. They fill the host hotel (Comfort Suites) and spill over to the Hampton Inn, they dine at our restaurants and – most importantly – go home and tell their friends about the hospitality they found here.

THANKS, Lorenz and all the volunteers who put the festival together.

IF it weren’t for the fact that the reversion to Central Standard Time renders the sky completely black by 6:30, it would be hard to imagine that the holidays are upon us.

AND yet they are.

WHEN the switch is thrown and the stars atop the derricks are lighted next Thursday evening, the holiday season is officially underway in Kilgore and environs. (That the same date marks the opening of the Reel East Texas Film Festival merely makes that day twice as enjoyable.)

HARD on the heels of the derrick lighting is A Very Derrick Christmas – a month of activities downtown that opens with the annual Mingle & Jingle on Saturday evening after Thanksgiving.

CHRISTMAS parades in Overton (Nov. 27), Kilgore (Nov. 28) and Liberty City (Dec.3) follow right behind.

APPARENTLY the French government is really irritated by drones – like the small ones your neighbor owns, not the big ones used to hunt down ISIS – surveilling government spaces and intruding on air space near commercial airports. They’re so irritated, in fact, they’ve trained four Golden Eagles to attack them and take them to the ground. And, they plan to add four more.

AMERICAN Pickers is coming to Texas this winter.

IF you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, send your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to: or call 855-OLD-RUST.


November 8 - Wanda Conway, Mrs. R. D. Todd, C.W. Dusty Rhodes, Kaci Wiggins, Tara Pickens, Steven Leach, Lerla Lee, David Hampton, Ashley Gayle Smith, Dorothy Osborne Bates, Eric Smalley, Aladdin Shafer, Patti Schlair, Robbie Duncan, Deric Nowlin, Jennifer Pullen, James Rel Sharp, Donald Headrick, Mikah Sadler

November 9 - Alice Orange, Tai Duckworth, Laura Ann McDonald, Margaret McElyea, De De Cox, Donna Ann Canterbury, Susan Hooten, Penny Boone, Brandon Ott, Ken Becker, Mattie Coleman, James Henshaw, Shelton Burleson, Brandon Odom

November 10 - Julyann Barbee, Billie Jean Arden, Dicki Mallett, Kit Murphy Jr., Paula Lawrence, Bert Purvis, Charles Ray (Bud) Walls, John Hollis Jones, David Mercer, Sherra Poulter, James Wright Martin Rodriguez Sr., Eddie Adamson II, Mrs. Bernice Pyle, Hunter K. Walden, Becky Lake, Debbie Crews, A.P. Hooks, Becky Barton, Amanda Jones, Martha Knotts, Ed Page, Peter Keiser, Keith Peck, Thomas Cunningham, Jefferey Pace, Mike Hamilton, Terry Ammons


November 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pritchard, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hernandez

November 9 - Randy and Linda Barton

November 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Johnson, Melvin and Vicki Hawkins


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