“In peace, children inter their parents; war violates the order of nature and causes parents to inter their children.”


YES, the Very Derrick Christmas party hosted by Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation at the World’s Richest Acre is Thursday. Christmas is essentially here, no matter what those celebrate-Thanksgiving-first folks say. We note with regret that we have yet to buy – or seriously consider – a single Christmas gift. Yet we have no doubt that between East Texas Hardware on one end and Calamity Jane’s on the other, we can satisfy pretty much everyone in the family and get it done by the close of business on Dec. 23.

ONE week beyond the derrick-lighting ceremony in Kilgore, the lights will go on at Liberty City’s Christmas Park at Hugh Camp Memorial Park. It’s worth a visit.

THE park will be lighted through Jan. 1.

KILGORE’S dedicated mayor and benefactor is recovering nicely from an emergency appendectomy. We’ll hope to see you back at work soon, Ronnie.

WE’VE been asked to be a “tour guide” for out-of-town film makers who will be here for the Reel East Texas Film Festival next week. If you’ve got some juicy stories you think we ought to pass along… keep them to yourself. :)

SURELY need someone to school me on cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin specifically.

OUR theory on the bump in oil and gas prices:

POLITICAL unease in the Middle East and North Africa leads to supply uncertainty in the market – that might take a while to resolve. A stretch of cold weather in the Midwest and Northeast are responsible for the natural gas price bump.

ON the other hand I’ve stood on a drilling platform so what do I know?


November 11 - Alan Pearce, Ben Shelton, Gary Vick, Lecil Edward Acker, Eric Smalley, Charles L. Pyle, Willie Mae Jackson, Jimmy Ainsworth, James Fitzgerald Smith, Joe Davis Fears, Dainel Hernandez, Iva Lee Davis, Billy Word, Jeannie Stark, Staci Harder, Trey Hadaway, Jason Hellen, Davd Jackson, Don Ringler, Jean Laird, Tina Smith, Richard King, David Washburn, Scott Miles, Debbie Ott

November 12 - Debbie Copeland, James Blackwell, Shanna Leigh Kappen (Babygirl), Mrs. B.L. Saulsberry, Mary Thornhill, Mason Reynolds, Coby Pace, T.A. Reynolds, Frank A. Martin, Lesli Erb, H.A. McFadin, Amber Watson, Tony Martin, Brenda Biggs, Ankitpreet Chahal, Destiny Foster

November 14 - Charles Ross, Margaret Merritt, Scott Major, Jessica Pullen, Modayln Depane Warren, Blake Gore, Charles, Bobby Clark, Jimmy Marler, Paul Lange, Ellen Price, Brad Miles, Mike Stanley, Gail Jackson, Jeanette Hall, Martha Davila, Kirk Rhoton, Nancy Rhodes, Katrina Bandle, Kylee Bell, Tonya Moseley, Kevin Wheeler, Doris Iker Davenport, Nicole Oubre

November 15 – Cindy Allen


November 11 - Mike and Cathy Smith

November 12 - Mr. and Mrs. Luther Swan

November 14 - Tom and Jan Brown


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