“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”

– Henrik Ibsen

FOR this and all we are about to receive, let us give thanks.

THE shopping season is upon us… celebrate the new season; join your community downtown Saturday evening for Mingle & Jingle.

FOR the record, no one has ever told me I can’t say Merry Christmas.

PARDON me while I brag on Kilgore, in so many ways America’s No. 1 Small City.

TWO weeks ago, the East Texas Pipe Organ Festival (thank you, Lorenz Maycher) brought dozens of pipe organ fans from – literally – across the country to celebrate the pipe organs constructed in this area by Roy Perry. Last week, the Reel East Texas Film Festival (thank you, Chip Hale) brought dozens more from out of town – we visited with one filmmaker from New Jersey – here to celebrate the works of independent filmmakers.

ON a bus tour of Kilgore with Mayor Ronnie Spradlin and 17 or 18 filmmakers Saturday, we remarked on what we’ll call here keystones in the cultural arch over Kilgore. Consider: film festival, pipe organ festival, KilGogh Arts Festival and Kilgore Community Concerts Association provide a palette of arts events. With its evolution into a true dance concert, one could include the Rangerette Revels on that list and you’d have to include Main Street’s Fridays After 5 concerts under the derricks.

ADD to that mix, the Oil Museum, the Texas Broadcast Museum, the Rangerette Museum and the now-developing History and Arts Center in the old post office and one can only wonder at the breadth of the community.

I POSIT that Kilgore, among Texas communities with populations under 20,000 or 25,000, is unique in this regard.

SAID one filmmaker Saturday, “I think I’m having a love affair with Kilgore.”

A TWEET this morning from Downtown Josh Brown: “I’m not old enough to remember Charles Manson, but I wonder… When he was arrested, did his supporters say, ‘But what about Jack the Ripper?’”


November 22 - Kimberly Ater, Melinda Long, Cassie McKinnerney, Bobbie Darrell Reid, Christina Patterson, Cyndi Nowlin, Anna Mae Rettig, Jo Kemp Little, Wanda Wheeler, Sonica Morse, Cindy Pruett, Phelia Woods, James Stone, Paula Niesher, Tracy Phillips, Jordan Johnson, Donna Gaines, Tommy Conner, Tara Coleman

November 23 - Dale McBride, Trent Ricardson, Cory Swinderman, Collin, Patrick Rice, Vana Callahan, Patrick Williams, Joseph Marzana, Mrs. James Duncan, Donald Wallace, Scott Vowell, Jenny Waldron, Jody Bittick, Earl Loyd, Jerry Grafton, Lillian Custer, Azzile, Jones, Stefanie Jones, Juanita Dorsey, Lisa Turner, Tony Marote, Jameshia Giddings, Sean Michael Burns, Kinley Gunn

November 24 - Taylor McElyea, Mark Rossum, Annette Hunter, Kathryn Lawrence, Michael Adams, Charles Myrick, Sue Courmier, Jerome Collins, Kitty Tennison, Ronald McIntosh, Donald McIntosh, Brandi Barnhart, Wayne Dupree, Charetta Vickery, Susie Snow, Nadia Jinks


November 22 - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Clark, Ray Dan and Bettie Rhodes

November 23 - Robert and Carolyn Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pirtle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson

November 24 - Jimmy and Pat Adams


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