"I want a Red Ryder BB gun with a special Red Ryder sight and a compass in the stock with a sundial!" I shouted.

"ho-ho-ho. YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT, KID. ho-ho-ho! merry christmas!"

– Jean Shepherd,

"In God We Trust,

All Others Pay Cash"

AH, Thanksgiving Day, when we remember some of America's early settlers, in giving thanks.

AND then comes Black Friday, when we recall even earlier settlers, the Vikings, in wanton pillaging.

YOU'LL find us downtown tonight, mingling and jingling, as Kilgore's Main Street District welcomes the holidays. You'll find us there next Saturday too. And the next. Plus the one after that. And one more for good measure – find the full calendar at

THERE are lots of things to look forward to this time of year, and we do our best to keep you updated on all the goings-on. Look for updates in the pages of the News Herald and on our “Welcome to Kilgore” Facebook page.


There's one annual tradition that always seems to sneak up on us – not this year: the annual re-stocking of Elder Lake in Synergy Park is set for Dec. 21.

FALLING on the Winter Solstice this year, the midwinter event will see Texas Parks & Wildlife employees dropping off 2,857 rainbow trout in the local fishing hole. It's always a fun sight, and with a month's notice, we hope you'll be there.

'TIS THE SEASON to check one item off the list as soon as possible: if anyone asks, the "MERRY XMAS" rising above the World's Richest Acre is meant to inspire, not offend.

SOME are concerned when Christmas is truncated to 'Xmas.' In some cases, those concerns may be warranted. Not here – it's part of the history.

DURING the boom, Christmas lights were strung between the derricks to brighten the holiday. When the season's greetings were added, the simplest solution was a shorter word.

LOCAL members of the clergy remind us, Xmas still celebrates Christ – it's an ancient church tradition, using the Greek letter chi (X, the first letter of 'Christos') as a reverential abbreviation, one that still rises above the World's Richest Acre.


November 25 - Ronald Edmonds, Suzanne Burrows, Raye Dale Rhodes, Nell Martin, Claudette Clemens, J.G. Tuttle, Tony Read, Jimmy Dunaway, Rebecca Huggins, Roland Fernandez, Brandy Nicole Henson, Orin W. (Bill) Dooley, Jennifer Powell, Randy Lowery, Jim Riley, Freddie Dorman, Bobby Collins, Jake Hester, Pamela Thurmon, Shannon Butts, Glen Riddle, Kala Bass Davis, Sharon Frankenhoff, Weyman Compton, Trent Gordon, Bragan Davis

November 26 - Tom Mobley, Shella McCarty, Elaine Epps, Chantel Alford Hughes, Robert Peek, Shonia Sheffield, Elaine Sullivan, Fred Crowley, Jason S. Parker, Robert Russell, G.L. Cobb, Ronnie Ausborne, Mrs. Jack Marlin, Frank Smith, Stephanie Segura, Arnetia Johnson, Justin Phillips, Nora Schleier, Ashley Allen, Maci LeAnn Mrozinski

November 27 - Sue Brown, C. Alan Rowe, Zachery Zimmerman, Mark Jones, Mrs. R.M. Mobley, Phara White, Mrs. W.H. Rienhart, Dalton Ray Smith, Chelsea Lauren Headley, Alan Kiker, James Hunter, Gary Gunn, Jimmy Leach, Tim Starkey, Mrs. Rene Smith, Kimberly Harris, Rev. Bill Peery, Pat McLaughlin, Tredrick Clayton, Diane Rowe, Brandi Bands, Patricia Gibson, Jacaces Ferguson

November 28 - Joshua Garcia, Mike Smith, Susan Halbert, Evelyn Bolding, Lucille Garner, Beatrice Pulliam, Mrs. Ervin Fette, Brandy McFarland, Janice Marie Bagley, Tim Watson, Mitch Smith, Jimmy Riley, Peggy Gough, Linda Tomlinson, Jason Pullen, J.C. Adams, Patsy Richie, Otto Sudduth, Brandon Head, and Stormy Gale Leak


November 25 - Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oglesby

November 26 - Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dickey, Tom and Fannie Gurley, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Fry, John and Doris Davenport

November 27 - Chris and Lori Thompson


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