“Let those who belittle the free press consider the lot of those who live without it.”

– Bill Woodall

STATE Rep. Jay Dean gets the credit, says Gregg County Commissioner Gary Boyd, for convincing the state to name a portion of Hwy 31 the Jack Ward Memorial Highway.

BEFORE his death last December as a result of a Hwy. 31 automobile accident, Jack was a TxDOT “Road Hand,” an honorarium bestowed here on him and Randy Brogoitti. A former president of the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce, Jack and his friend Brogoitti were the chamber’s “transportation committee” for a number of years.

THE sign, which will eventually wind up beside the highway, was to be unveiled at the courthouse in Longview at 10 a.m. today.

WE don’t get much opportunity to tout hair salons (the photo at left should explain that) but we feel compelled to mention the bang-up crowd at Mustang Cats salon Saturday night.

NEW owners of what used to be Pazzazz at the corner of Kilgore and Main, gave over their space to a clutch of retailers selling merchandise from wreaths to tee shirts… and a couple of from Nacogdoches selling fabulous – seriously, fabulous – pie.

ON the subject of Saturday… Mingle & Jingle seems to get bigger and better every year. The crowd downtown Saturday evening was outstanding and downright jovial.

PARADES? We got ‘em.

OVERTON’S parade was Monday night and Kilgore’s lighted parade was last night. Henderson’s Christmas parade is Saturday and Liberty City’s parade is Sunday afternoon followed by the parade in Gladewater Dec. 5 and Longview’s parade on Dec. 7.

THOSE Rangerettes will likely be stuffing foam cushions in their boots before the parade season is over.

THE often-quoted website, WalletHub, compared the 50 states across two key dimensions, including “Volunteering & Service” and “Charitable Giving” in an effort to identify the most- and least-charitable states. Utah was most charitable. Hawaii was least… five positions below #45 Texas on their scale.

DON’T be least-charitable this Christmas. Your churches, service clubs, Helping Hands… all offer an opportunity to give your time or your money. Or both.


November 29 - Pat Applewhite, Mrs. G.C. Clifford, Sue Sisco Newburn, Mrs. Jim Allen, Joshua Kyle Chitwood, Shayne Brightwell, Mrs. Maura Webb, Zacharie Scott Smith, Troy Steeleman, Richard McFarland, Craig Stark, Danette Hedrick, Louis Lee, Rosilyn Jones, Betty Robuck, Dalton Davis, Rondald Edmonds

November 30 - Kelsey Jackson, Faye Carroll, Andy Adamez, Debbie Grant, Rob Ekstadt, Jimmy Leach, Sonya Bynum, Tonia Bynum, Berniece Balusek, Kriscinda Moore, Bud Chitwood, Tracy Fry, Cheyenne Smith, Meagan J. Clark, Christopher Oglesby, Alan Garner, Dexter Guin, Alan Ruth, Cheryl Riley, Steve Philpott, Dustin Odom, Doug Olson

December 1 - Irene Harvey, Sammy Morris, Danny Goode, John Paul Kulak, Craig Steelman, Alfred Crim, Rhonda Wenger, Richard Caldwell Jr., Kim Boykin, Sami Jowers, Sherry Lockman, Bob Ostrom, Casi Botter, Joe Hale, Jewel T. Proctor, Michelle Haynes, Jill Nieuhiser, Frederick E. Richardson, Brittany Conner, Lottie Batts, Margie Hall


November 29 - Glen and Melba Lee

November 30 - Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wallace

December 1 - Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Webber, Calvin and Regina Williams


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