“Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want - and their kids pay for it.”

– Richard Lamm, former governor of Colorado

UNLESS your list includes items like a Ferrari and a mink coat, you should be able to complete your holiday shopping if you start at Atwood’s and work your way south to Calamity Jane’s and east to DeRigueur.

‘BACK Side of a Blue Moon,’ a book by Caleb Pirtle, native Kilgoreo who went off to a career as a writer and editor, has won the National Beverly Hills Book Award for Historical Fiction Southwest.

‘Back Side’ is a fictional tale of oil, romance and mystery set in Ashland of the 1930s, a small, isolated Texas farming community perched beside the Sabine River.

CALEB and Linda live now at Hideway and write prolifically. He and his friend Terry Stembridge – another Kilgore native, historian and man-about-town – authored four histories of Kilgore at the behest of Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation.

SO, the state has hired a Director of Human Trafficking. That’s curious. News stories over the last several years would lead us to believe traffickers have been plenty efficient, even without a director.

YOU and I know virtually nothing about a website called FilmFreeway. In a nutshell, it’s a website which links film makers to film festivals. On that site, registered users – film makers – offer reviews of festivals and creative arts events around the world.

REEL East Texas Film Festival was notified Friday that, based on reviews from filmmakers, Chip Hale’s first-year festival ranks in the top 100 of more than 5,000 worldwide events.

PARTCIPANTS said wonderful things about Kilgore. “I have screened all over the world and nowhere have I received such a welcome from the community. Kilgore rolled out the red carpet for filmmakers! The venue was great and the filmmaker lounge was off the charts,” said Cheryl Allison, one of our guests.


December 2 - Peggy Garner, Brandon Smith, Michael Lynn Sadler, Mary Watson, Sarah Smalley, Evelyn Smith, Judy Fisher, Troy Wyatt, Reginald Pegues, Allison Leigh Barbee, Lucinda Mumphrey, Ernest Mumphrey, Michael Clements Jr., Nita Beale, C.J. Fertitta, Huong Thi Pham, Martha McElroy, Norman Copeland Jr., “Lil” Joe Gibson, Javier Lee, Kathyrn Penrose, Mary Nevan Wright

December 3 - Annelle Jones, Kalie Kinlaw, Catherine Henderson, Melody Bagwell, Mike Wingfield, Mark S. Dickey, Leta Wade, Janet Jones, Veronica Sanders, Steve Tanner, Van Elaine Stephenson, David Sudweeks, Michael Clements Jr., Justin Harris, Lisa Wallace, Odessey Pace, Janice Benson, Chris West

December 4 - Kristen Hughes, Edna Humphries, Mrs. Everett Davis, Courtney Paige Vail, Mrs. R.L. McIntosh, T.J. Peagues Jr., Wayne Smith, Jean Jones, Mrs. E. C. Elder, Rick Howell, Richard Miller, Brent Holmes, Greg Holmes, Olivia Sickler, Robert Mitchel Bagwell, Conner Hubbard, Jayci Rae Edwards, Courtney Morrow

December 5 - Zane Faulkner, Elizabeth Rice, Ray Howell, Sherry Lewis, Linda Morris, Mrs. E.G. Wynn, Ronald Kingsbury, Raeann Chanler, Raymond Okray, Charlene Proctor, Tabitha Johnigan, Terry Pickard, Mrs. Jimmy Smith, Jessica Kingsbury, Taylor McCarty, Mrs. A.L. Ainley, Juanika Evett Young, Pam Wintermute, Colby Rosen, Brandon Black, Carmen Ryan, Preston Lantz, Bill West


December 2 - Mr. and Mrs. Erby Muckelroy, Jerry and Signe Reeves

December 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hedges, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blanchard, John and Janice Benson

December 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Datson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert West

December 5 - Mr. and Mrs. Johnny C. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Davidson


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