“Christmas cookies can’t help but be retro - they are memory first, sugar-flour-egg-redhot-gumdrop-sparkle reality second.”

– Dana Goodyear

CONGRATULATIONS to Kilgore’s football Bulldogs on an outstanding season. Texas is chock-a-block with teams that would be happy just to get into the first round of the play-offs. You did good.

SOMETIMES, occasionally really small children don’t scream when presented with their first Santa… but not often.

THIS year’s opportunity to introduce Santa to your children or grandchildren is at 5 p.m. Saturday in the now-vacant space at 105 North Kilgore – between downtown D’Lites and The Catch. Charlie Walker (Charlie’s Snowballs) is organizing the event, so you know it will be entertaining even if the babies demonstrate uncharacteristic aplomb.

OTHER Christmas events Saturday include a cookie search (11 a.m.), Dashing Through Downtown (3 p.m.) and Story Time With Santa (3 p.m.).

ACCORDING to an email shipped around by retired Oil Museum curator Joe White – and confirmed via the world wide web – after Christmas, the giant tree at Rockefeller Center is taken down and sent off to be milled into lumber. The lumber is stamped with an identifier and earmarked for use in a Habitat for Humanity house.

FOOD trucks are certainly all the rage in some communities – it’s hard to get through Jacksonville, for instance, without running into a truck vending tacos – but we find ourselves mystified. Assuming equally good food, why would I choose lunch from a mobile kitchen that contributes very little to the community over a conventional, anchored-on-a-foundation cafe that pays property taxes or rent and employs one or more Kilgoreos?

OUR new favorite “it’s a small-world” story:

REVARD Pfeffer, assistant superintendent in charge of finance at Kilgore ISD, is the grandson of an Illinois milkman. Among his customers were Charles and Joann Whiteside, Illinoisians before they trekked to Texas so he could take a job at Kilgore College.

SURE, life is like a box of chocolates. It’s also like a bag of pistachios… every bag is going to include at least one horribly-sour, maybe-wormy nut.


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