“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

– Victor Hugo

KILGORE Men of Alliance will be leading their second Martin Luther King Day parade down MLK Boulevard beginning at 10 a.m. Monday.

IF you’re waiting to buy your Casino Night tickets (benefitting the Boys and Girls Club and the Fuller Center for Housing) at the door of the armory on January 20… don’t. Deadline to buy tickets is Monday. They’re $75 each. To reserve tickets, call Elsa Selleck at 830-285-8248 or email

THE gavel at Overton-New London Chamber of Commerce has been passed to Charles Robinson Jr. by 2017’s president, Judy Loveall Williamson-Elrod.

IT SEEMS a rare event these days to pick up a Longview newspaper that doesn’t include some mention of Julie Brogoitti Woods. The Kilgore native – owner of Julie Woods and Associates Real Estate in Longview and Kilgore and the daughter of Randy and Ann – has been named one of Longview Regional’s Stars Over Longview and will be honored Thursday.

IN September, Julie was honored as Outstanding Young Alumnus by the Stephen F. Austin Alumni Association. Beyond that, she’s on any number of boards and committees, runs a business and – with husband Quentin – is raising a family.

“When the first word of a compound is one of two alternatives, leave the first hyphen open: “Our hybrids include both hand- and machine-made parts.” (… )When the first hyphen is left open, it is called a “suspensive” hyphen, but in a job interview, reveal this information only if you prefer to go on collecting unemployment.” (From the software company WordRake)

THE two best weather terms have to be haboob and bombogenesis.


January 10 - Tammy Hale, Ronnie Hablinski, Julia Smith, Christopher Thrower, Jennifer Chustz, Jim Whitfield, James Guess, Dorene Sudweeks, Gary Briley, Carter Alan Cline, Denise Adamson Bailey, Shirley Ann Haynes, Bree’Anne Williams, Dorothy Midgett, Melanie McMahon, Toni Taylor

January 11 - Helen Anderson, Kim Brager, Cathy Copeland, Sharon Denise Sibley, Todd Watson, Patience Jeanene Brooks, Anna N. Brown, Edna Frazier, Lindsay Owens, Kim Barnes, Layna Rose Martin, Jon Berryhill, Joshua Drinning

January 12 - David Stanley, Roger Patterson, Margaret Griffin, John Burton, J. Robert Floyd, Billie Alexander, Robin Dorney, Tammy Pickens, Rebekah Chico, Michael James Moore, Pauline Quinn, Lee Ware, Mrs. Diana Myers, Gwynda Gee, Michael W. Williams, Patricia Wheat, Kurton Rossum, Dakota Jackson, Button Sands


January 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Wolford, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Helsel, Ron and Liz Dreadin

January 12 - Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Rucker


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