“We cannot sit huddled within our own borders and avow ourselves merely an assemblage of hucksters who care nothing for what happens beyond.”

– Theodore Roosevelt.

MONDAY will be busier than you think.

MARTIN Luther King Day events, organized by Kilgore Men of Alliance, begins with a parade along MLK Blvd at 10 a.m. and culminates in entertainment, food trucks and childrens’ activities at the Texan Theater.

AT 6 p.m. Relay for Life’s Taste-Off (Kilgore’s commercial kitchens) gets underway at the fellowship hall, First Baptist Church of Kilgore.

NORMALLY we leave the sales tax reporting to James Draper, but this month’s number – assuming it’s accurate – is mind-boggling.

ACCORDING TO the state comptroller’s office, Kilgore sales tax check this month is 84 percent larger than last January’s check… even after subtracting some $30,000 to recover a calculation error made in Austin some months ago.

KILGORE’S check this month is for $878,000. That compares nicely to the $475,000 received here in January of ’17. City manager Josh Selleck expects some accounting person in Austin to eventually uncover an error and that the state will ask for part of the money back.

IN the meantime, it feels as good as summer sun at the beach.

WFAA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, recently ran a story about Jack Stallard, former sports editor of the News Herald and now sports editor at the Longview paper.

THE story says Jack weighed 405 pounds when he started walking – determined to lose weight. A hundred pounds later, he’s still walking every day – more than 1100 miles so far – with a goal of shedding another 50 pounds.

WHAT a terrific success story.

THERE will be four Free Admission days at National Parks this year – beginning with Martin Luther King Day Monday, Jan. 15. The others are Saturday, April 21 (National Parks Week), September 22 (National Public Lands Day) and November 11 (Veterans Day).

JUST so you know, in 2017, there were 10 free days. Only 118 of the 417 national parks and monument sites have an admission fee.


January 13 - Johnny Ray Mumphrey, Terri Bumgardner, Terry Pullen, Pam Griffith, Nancy Daniel, Alice Baugh, Patricia Craig, Myrtle Coker, Billie Marler, Ramona Maxwell, Jimmy Bingham, Alicia Craig, Shanell Mills, Roger Patterson, Madison Custer, Minnie Pauline Jean Sickler, Tim Rowe, Paul Williams, Jerry Reeves

January 14 - Ray Douglas Scott Jr., Charlie Miller, Oberthier Loyd, Shannon McClenny, Tim Tinner, Rosie Knight, Lavellr Blair, Thurman Adams, Chris Dukes, Betty Roach, Nicholas Sanders, Dee Headley, Melba Scott, Ronnie Garcia

January 15 - Frank Clark, Jason Melton, Cecil Cornelison, Cindy Lindsey, Sue Weber, Christen Turner, Susan Keith, Kara Sands, Mary Northcott, Michael White, Tony Cline, Reggie Lawler, Gene Miles, Loraine Palmer, Perry Tolbert Jr., Terri Melton, Johnnie Ruth Guess, Cyndi Lovelace, Bobby George Arnutt Jr., La Tonya Renee Russell, Roni Simpson, Betty Jean Vaught, Cynthia Marie Crutcher, Minnie Enriquez, Mike Linton, Robert Preston, John Adamson, Charlotte Davis, Jessica Dukes, James Nolan Owens Jr.

January 16 - Loel Barber, Merle Jackson, Jennifer Couch, Madero Thurmond, Tony DeShaw Hall, Chandra Thurston, Mrs. Willia Johnson, John Garrison, Dwight Addie, Fred Alex, Wendy Hearne, Clayton Thompson, Eric Rivers, Alvin Owens, Leighann Horton, Mike Ammons, Katie Apna, Larry Alewine


January 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Harold Payne, Elvis and Eula Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Trice, Edna and J.D. Riddle

January 14 - Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Driver, Billie and Bert Sanders

January 16 - Cindy and John Kulak


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