“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

– Bertrand Russell

YOUR VALENTINE’S Day plans really ought to include spending part of the evening at the Texan where Reel East Texas Film Festival, Kilgore Chamber of Commerce and Kilgore News Herald and Overton Films are presenting Casablanca.

ADMISSION is free, though a donation to the “restore the Texan” funds would be nice. Show times are 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. – room in the schedule for dinner on one side or the other.

THOSE almost-monthly Boys and Girls Club bingo-and-dinner events are back. The first of the year is Thursday, Feb. 15 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Dinner and dessert, prepared by Julie Beck and Carrie Jackson, is $12 ($7 for children under 12) and bingo cards are $10 or three for $20.

DINNER at 6 (-ish) followed by bingo at 7 (-ish).

IT SEEMS like every time we turn around someone at Republic Services is winning an award.

THE folks out at Republic Services just keep on picking up accolades.

James Murphy, chairman of the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce, was named man of the year by the Bullard Chamber of Commerce at that group’s awards banquet Monday. A week or so ago,. Republic – the company of which James is General Manager in this region – was named Business of the Year by the Whitehouse Chamber of Commerce. And only a year and some months ago, Gene Keenon, community affairs manager for Republic, was honored as citizen of the Year in Kilgore.

HOW did it take 16 years in Kilgore – our tenure-to-date – for us to learn the late Lyle Alzado played football at Kilgore College? From here he went to Yankton College (don’t bother to look it up, the school is out of business) in South Dakota before a long and really good career with the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Raiders.

MONDAY, Feb. 5 is World Nutella Day.

I’M so old I remember the Dallas Cowboys winning a Super Bowl. That was the last year the ‘Boys were in an NFC Championship game – a drought surpassed in the NFC only by the Detroits and the Washingtons.


January 31 - Steve Hartfiel, Whitney Johnson, Buck Watson, Gene Wheat, Jay Fontineau, Richard Justin, David Justin Bryan, Jimmy Lynn Blackman, Briget Thomas, Mrs. Bill Peery, Othella Smith, Mary Hall, Johnette Gunn, Joan Sullivan, Casandra Kirkwood

February 1 - Brent Fontineau, Ray Douglas Scott Sr., Patty Quintero, Colleen Cook, Betty Sullivan, Jeff Bolding, Randy Crocker, Evan Martin, Bill Harvey, Susie Watkins, Darla Whitfield, Sharon Henley, Beverly Webster, Sara Dailyn Phillips, Peggy Kettlewell

February 2 - Peggy Kettlewell, Raymond Best, Nedra Purser, Suzanne Leach, Robert Hudspeth, Willis Beckworth, Linda Lovelady, Joan McHame, Leslie Owens, Keycier Moody, Candy Gilliand, Robert Earl Moore, F.L. Hulsey, Jamie Moreno, Jason Floyd, Shanda Lynn Short, Marti Fuhrman, Sharon Butler Starling, Robert Morris, Patsy Gordon, Kathy Knighton, Mason Cole, Cade Harlan Clark, Clare T. West

February 3 - Jeff Chisler, Kristie Deann Wade, Brandy Wilborn, Maria Pollard, Mary Pharris, Steve Walden, Kirk Clark, Lewis Clear, Candi Montgomery, Oma Martin, Denise Henson, Gage Shelburne, Stacy Nowlin


January 31 - Michael and Nancy McShan, Mr. and Mrs. Ozel Howard

February 1 - Jimmy and Jane Green

February 2 - Steve and Donna VanMeter


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