“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver”

– Ayn Rand

LAIRD Hill Louie saw his shadow Friday morning, as sure a sign as there is that we’re in for six more weeks of winter. We’re praying loudly and persistently that the six weeks don’t include any more 9 degrees days.

JOUSTING has been the official state sport of Maryland since 1962.

CINDY Morris came here as Chamber president when the organization was floundering, moving down from Grove, Oklahoma, a lovely town on the marge of Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Four years later, she is moving her tall self back to Oklahoma – where the kids and grandkids are.

SHE will be the president if the Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce where, I’m certain, she’ll have nowhere near as much fun as we have in Kilgore but she’ll be within an hour’s drive of the children.

JOIN the chamber staff and board of directors at a two-part farewell reception Thursday Feb. 8. Reception Part A is at the chamber office from 3 until 4:30 p.m. Part B will be at Jack Ryan’s from 5 until 7 p.m.

PROOF that Wikipedia is fallible:

BASED on information from the encyclopedia of the WorldWideWeb, Lyle Alzado – who became a top-notch defensive end in the NFL –played football during his time at Kilgore College. I reported that in this space a week ago.

NOT SO FAST, say some who remember Alzado’s time in Kilgore. Gene Fouts, who says he spent a fair amount of time hanging out with then-coach Jim Miller, “Jim wouldn’t let (Alzado) play” because of some off-the-field issues. Brad Thrower played for KC while Alzado was here. Says Brad, “he was a walk-on but didn’t make the cut.” (Brad also opined that Coach Miller might have made a mistake letting Alzado get away.)


February 3 - Jeff Chisler, Kristie Deann Wade, Brandy Wilborn, Maria Pollard, Mary Pharris, Steve Walden, Kirk Clark, Lewis Clear, Candi Montgomery, Oma Martin, Denise Henson, Gage Shelburne, Stacy Nowlin

February 4 - Judy Ramirez, Cindy Jumper, Robert Riggins, Katy Sheen, Albert Mitchell, Charlie Beckworth, Cecil Silvertooth, Randall Dukes, Tyler Griffith, Renee Rachel, Heather Gardiner, Missy Deerinwater, Mike Smires, David McElyea, Mitch Wilson, Jessica Aytes, Angela Barnett, Matt Williamson, Rance Taylor

February 5 - Chris Toler, Patsy Bradley, Todd Cooper, Etta Lois Kennedy, Justin Michell Stevens, Benjamin McKnight, Birchell Davis, Roy Matney, Charles Thomas Nix, Sr., Wanda Bittick, LaRue Wood, Mitch Autrey, Matthew Lee, Nicholas Little, Tresha Clary, Marie Farrar, Hali Ann Tackett, Makayla Perry

February 6 - Doyle Laney, C.H. Welch, Jan Brannon, Jeanene Rhodes Brooks, Jeff Waits, Jessica Linson, Robert Johnson, Alicia Lee, Judy White, Steve Daniel, Sandy Howard, Molly Peyton, Amber Zoller, Virginia Wright, Jerry Martin, Joshua Conlee, Steve Herring, Terry Hedrick, Logan Ligon


February 5 - Robert and Gloria Jones


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