“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

– Albert Einstein

THAT darned rain…

SATURDAY, the Sabine was running so high Donna Jones called off the boat parade in the interest of safety. But, she says, it will be re-scheduled. When it happens, it will still be along the short stretch of river from Hwy 42 to the Sandbar.

DR. CHARLES Whiteside of Caleb’s Mountain Chaplaincy will host a series of Coffee Break Devotionals each Thursday in March at McKay’s Ranch House.

THE morning devotionals will be brief so participants can return to work without significant loss of time. The 10 a.m. devotionals each Thursday will be repeated at 10:30 a.m. to accommodate more schedules.

DEVOTIONALS by Caleb’s Mountain Chaplaincy are also offered at any local business with 10 or more employees. For more information or to schedule a weekly devotional, contact Whiteside at 903-985-1727.

(CALEB’S Mountain is a reference to the Biblical passage in which the Lord gave Caleb a mountain as a reward for his service in moving the tribes of Israel onto The Promised Land.)

IF you’re expecting a rapid, direct response from your email to either Sen. Ted Cruz’ office or the office of Rep. Louis Gohmert, don’t. You might eventually receive a response, but it won’t be prompt and it will not be direct.

BEEN saving your money, have you? Good.

THE Kilgore FFA sale and stock show – we think this is normally an April event – is set for March 24 at the Leon Gibson Memorial Ag Farm. Judging begins at 8:30 a.m., hamburger dinner (tickets at the show barn) is at 5 p.m. and the sale starts an hour later.

JOSE Antonio Navarro, José Francisco Ruiz, Lorenzo de Zavala… immigrants all, they signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

EVERY nine seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a brain injury. One of every 60 persons in this country lives with a disability related to traumatic brain injury.


March 7 - Verna Maguire, Peggy R. Jackson, Tim Anderson, Mark Pool, David Riddle, Charlotte Brewer, Donald Beebe, Michael Smith, Mark Johnson, Darlene Jennings, Sibyl Lee, Renae Lampkin, Whitney Alice Clark, Lamarcus A. Bell, Royce McIntosh, Melanie Wesson, Michael Young, Dr. Arthur Morchat, Wayne Taliaferro, Angela Beverly, Ayana Newman, NeAjaha Johnson, Roy Bennett, David Mauldin

March 8 - Janey Gossage, Kristie Simpson, Terry Stembridge, Jr., Shonda Bell, Nicole Griffin, Phyllis Clayton, Ronnie Walker, Denise Washington, Janie Jamerson, Gary White, Joyce Riddles, Bobby Terry, John Beckham, George Wood, Barbara Crane, Tawnya Mitchell, Margaret Housley, Rachael Haynes, Charlotte Beason, Cody Sprayberry, Jacqueline Hale, Tom DeBerry, Tristan Caldwell, Josh Slagle, Phillip Frazier

March 9 - Camille Parker, Lori Patterson, Amy Carroll, Willie Alexander, James Sutton, Janice Brox, Bill McChristian, Ron and Shaun Ward, Jenny Ansley, Clyde Webb, Bill Russell, Dawn Garner, Robert Hall, Amy Sornell, Byron Beverly, Jr., Takayla Toliver, Clyde “Trace” Buyher, Gary Linthicum, Margie Hooper, Vivian Lewis, Patty Martin


March 7 - Archie and Wanda Thayer

March 8 - Brian and Ellen Bittick

March 9 - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vanderlinden, Howard and Elaine Bowman


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