“Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.”

– Aristotle

IT’S always good to have Sue Brown back in town.

OUR sports editor, Mitch Lucas, says the NBA is always better when the Celtics are having a good season and the NFL is better when the Giants are having a good year. We’d add that Kilgore is always better when Sue is here.

A CENTURY ago, March 19, 1918 the government enacted Daylight Saving Time as a World War I effort to save coal. Even though it was halted later that year, it hung around here and there in one form or another until it was recognized again nationally in 1966 as part of the Uniform Time Act.

HERE we are, a century later, springing forward into DST again at 2 a.m. tomorrow, March 11. (And we couldn’t be happier about it.)

IBAT, Independent Bankers Association of Texas, annually hosts their regional state-of-the-industry dinner at Country Tavern. Bankers from all over eastern Texas drive in for dinner and for a summary of what’s up with bankers and what’s down.

AS enlightening as the program always is, we find ourselves marveling at how well the Tavern staff handles a group of 100 or so in addition to their regular evening diners.

In 2008, a nissologist – one who studies islands – named Christian Depraetere selected a threshold of 0.1 sq km… and calculated that there are 86,732 islands at or above this size on earth. That acreage – 0.01 sq km – equals 107,639 square feet, or about the size of your average NBA star’s home.

REEL East Texas Film Festival is still none months away and already almost four dozen entries have been submitted.


March 10 - Sharon Hendrix, Allie B. Tompkins, Emma Nell Johns, Alice Orange,

Juanita Taliaferro, K.D. Boyle, Mattie Phillips, John Keiser, Lisa Caskey,

Freeda Pritchard, Miranda Renee Vinson, Louie B. Lacy, Angela Upsher, Paula

Williams, Borris W. Hamilton, Herman Reagh, Faye Crawford, Christie

Williams, Clif Floyd, Colton Slayter, Marvis Strickland, Sonny Mosby, Tessa

Shafer, Hunter Tizuitt, Keith Stanley, Alyssa Finklea, Jaci Gonzales,

Makayla Mitchell, Calvin Mayfield, Ron Walden, Bill Leak

March 11 - Marvin Hilhouse, Betty Clark, Kristina Kay Beauchamp, Kay

Maxwell, Christine Stroup, Jennifer McCubbin, Erica Rosas, Clara Prestidge,

Nelda Johnigan, Tomma Dempsey, Dorothy Mills, Kelly Sneed, Jeff Sullivan

Sr., Bette McKay, Lindsay Halbert, Bill Jones, Leon Johns, Shelly Martin,

Mary Hendrix, Margie Hooper, Donna Wiggins, Michelle Roberts, Chris Barr

March 12 - Christine Louise Sadler, Frank Cline, Barbara Dickson Watkins,

Connie Appling, Lisa Michelle Rowe, Cathy Collins, Marven Floyd, Megara

Ballard, Betty Mills, Sidney Williams, Travis Thornton, Betty Woodard,

Dorothy Dempsey, Candy Waller, Richie Benavides, Juanita Barnes, Ashley

Nicole Simms, Mary Sanders, Cannon Chase Copeland

March 13 - Julie Lockhart, Caylen Martin, Vickie Cline, Bill Dase, Charles

Duffy Bryant, Gwyn Bass, Gary N. Lawler, Leon Leach, Marrion White, Keldin

Farrar, Clarence Smith, Scottie Philpott, Ashlynn Marie Cole, Jacob Roe,

Grayson DeShayer, Wanda Polanka, Mary Hendrix, Tiffany Harris


March 11 - Pat and Gene Whitworth

March 12 - David and Amanda Jackson

March 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Larry Longmire


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