“For of all sad words of tongue or pen,

The saddest are these: It might have been!”

--John Greenleaf Whittier, ‘Maud Muller’


AVALON Faire continues weekends through April out on FM 1252. We recommend you postpone the yard work – the weeds will be there next Saturday – and go spend a few hours at the renaissance festival. The cast and crew out there surely know how to have a good time… and to coax you into a good time.

A STRANGE thing happened on our website this month.

AS you would expect, the preponderance (18,094) of those who logged on came from the U.S. Generally the second largest cohort is from Canada. This month, though, the second position on our list of log-on locations came from Peru. For reasons we can’t discern, 87 Peruvians visited in the last 30 days.

GENERAL info about our website: 18,722 user visited the website a total of 30,552 times and read 84,860 pages. Of those, 64 percent logged in from a smart phone, 30 percent from a desktop computer and a mere 6 percent from a tablet.

SHOULD you find yourself walking down the frozen food aisle and should a bag of “riced cauliflower and sweet potato” catch your eye, keep walking.

WE, The Great Unwashed, have just found the noun rice has been purloined by those who want to turn all nouns into verb and adjectives. What it really means is they chop cauliflower and other vegetables into rice-sized bits and then expect you to steam and eat it. As for me and my house, we’ll stick with rice and Irish potatoes.

PORCH Fest at The Back Porch Stage on Broadway – East Texas’ best music venue – will feature 20 bands over a two-day period, May 11 and 12.

IF memory serves, this is the third such event hosted by Jackie and Vickie Clayton and their crew. A good time will be had, if not by all then certainly by almost-all.


April 7 - Christian Henry, Amanda McKay, Bonnie Hunt, Rilda Goodman, Billy Maddox, Ethan Parker, Norma Wall, Louise Thurston, Andy Gilley, Calvin Pace, Elmira Sanders, Richard Sadler, Jimmie Ardry, John Deisher, Jr., Ally Marie Venable, Christopher Toombs, Sawaun Austin

April 8 - Jordan Chris Hall, Jamie Quinlan, Mrs. Tobe Laster, David L. Jackson, Mrs. J.C. Eakin Jr., Clifton Wade Young, Brad King Gene Keenon, Danny Patterson, Dolf Dion, Danny Pearce, Monica Coleman, Brenda O’Quinn, James Key, Andrea Herndon, Dirk McName, Cynthia Jones, Terri Lacy, James Lee Huffman, Jason Dean Madden

April 9 - Shonda Graham, F.W. Gillcoat, Chuck Roberts, Mabel Tate, John Squire, Matt Moore III, Chris Sullivan, Mrs. M.M. Harding, Jimmy Van Meter, Ruth Morris, Kimberly Ann Williams, Rosie Lee Russell, Christine Messer, Steve Van Meter, Christy Wright, Bobby Worsham, Traci Hall, Wade Pipkin, Maurin Smith, Larry E. Smith, Kalin Wilson

April 10 - Roshelle Lynn Baker, Kristen Davenport, Linda Yancey, Carl Bradshaw, Paula Crews, Kathy Mehringer, Sharon Keith, Frank Sinclair, Mrs. Jack Evans, Carolyn Holcombe, Leeah Rhodes, Betty Holt, Skip Holt, Wesley Hardin, Nancy Cornelison, Mrs. Ruben Withers, Glenna Harper, Candee Collins, John Flitton, Brian Johnson, Cheyenne Bynum, Gina Wehunt, Leonard Farrar


April 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Plaxco, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Plaxco

April 9 - Jim and Vickie Barnes


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